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Watch This Man Totally Bench 945 POUNDS!!!! This Is A Must See!

1 rep max

Watch This Man that creepily looks like a monkey bench this insane amount of weight! Or just kind of hump the air same thing really.


OOOOOOOOOOOO SUGAR (good curse word alternative) GOT EM! This man (or monkey? Im not really sure and I think that in itself deserves a separate investigation…..or at least its own sentence) is more of a shower then a prover.

Look obviously this video is a joke, I’m not sure it is possible to lift that much weight but it does give me a forum to speak on a prevalent social issue in today’s society. No I am not talking about kneeling for the national anthem if that was where you thought this was going. Rather I am talking about putting an obscene amount of weight on a bar bell that you know you are not going to be able to lift.

We here at Muscleroast (there are two of us I’m pretty sure) hate shortcuts, hate steroids, hate implants (on guys) and hate people who want to look like they are way more jacked then they are. So here is a tip, completely free of charge (so click on an ad or something in return), don’t try stuff you have no chance of doing. You will get hurt orrrrrrrr you will look stupid doing a half-rep exercise. If you are going to do either of those, please film it and send it to us, finding material to write about isn’t as easy as it looks.

Because I am generous I am going to show you exactly what I am referring too with some video evidence instead of just linking one of my previous articles (HEY CHECK THOSE OUT AS WELL!).

THIS IS NOT GREAT! I love seeing this at the gym for a number of reasons. First, a tank top with sweatpants as a gym outfit has never made sense to me though it serves as the perfect outfit to accompany this investigative journalism. You are cold but want to show off, exactly like you want to look like you lift a lot of weight but actually can not. Clothing tangent done. Second, I mean like is that tough? Are you sore the next day? Next week do you put on more weight of go down another inch? Did you start with 135 pounds and work your way up? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

This is good form, for comparative purposes. The frog gets it.

By Michael Moglia


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