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The 2018 All Star Game Dunk Contest, Was The Worst And Most Boring Ever!

2019 all star game dunk contest

Could the 2018 All Star Game dunk contest be any more boring?

2018 All Star Game dunk contest was nothing but a bunch of weak ass dunks, that were just copied from previous dunkers like Larry Nance and Vince Carter. I understand this approach was cool in the previous dunk contests, but now it’s just played out. Back in the day, when Michael Jordan jumped from the free throw line, and that dunk was copied later, that was ok. But so many people have done it now, that its nothing but a buzz kill. The 2018 All Star Game dunk contest had close to no originality, and had dunks that I bet 75% of all NBA players can perform. Take a look for yourself.

Donovan Mitchell was the winner of the 2018 All Star Game dunk contest. He was great, but compared to Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon back in 2016, it was nothing but a true disappointment. I was under the impression that each year, the dunk contest was supposed to get better and better, and most importantly, more entertaining. Take a look at the dunk contest from 2016 and let me know how much better you think this dunk contest was.

You could argue that Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon had a first dunk contest tie, but someone had to win, and it this case it was Zach. The creativity of this dunk contest should have inspired the future dunk contest competitors to perform dunks that were never done before, but also provide more entertainment than ever before. This was disappointing especially because this years All Star Game has a different format all together. There is no East Vs West, it’s team LeBron VS team Curry. Everything about this All Star weekend is different this year, and the same should go for the dunk contest. This did not happen unfortunately. The word is, that Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine will be back next year, so that is yet to be seen. I also believe that the fans are still waiting for one person to enter, and that is LeBron James. Now that he is getting older, it probably won’t happen, but the question still stands of why he never entered the dunk contest in the first place.

And one last thing to mention, Victor Oladipo put on the black panther mask, and then missed his first dunk. That is just plain retarded and made him look dumb as shit. He also didn’t do a damn thing in the dunk contest, other than put on that stupid ass mask, and made him and Chadwick Bosemen look dumb as hell. Great job Victor.

2019 all star game dunk contest


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