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Dennis Wolf Will NEVER WIN THE OLYMPIA Title!

dennis wolf injury

3 Reasons Dennis Wolf will never win the Olympia title!

Dennis Wolf is a true fan favorite! Between figuring out how the hell he makes it to the Olympia stage every year, and what the hell he is trying to say, he is a rather enjoyable bodybuilder.

We all know about the Dennis Wolf injury, but his injury is not a part of his love for German food! A breakdown of the Dennis Wolf injury will be discussed at the bottom of this article!

Dennis Wolf Olympia

Mainly because he just has a cool name. As the years go by, Dennis “The Big Bad Wolf” has yet to win himself a Mr. Olympia title.

  • We have come up with a couple reason this might be, but it’s not his injury. Considering the fact he is German, there is no other explanation other than, Dennis just can’t stop eating German food.

Here are the 3 foods he will just not give up.

dennis wolf eating

His Bodybuilding Meals Consist Of Feta Feta Cheese And Raw Onions!

Dennis loves to stuff his face with favorite bodybuilding meal.

And that is, feta cheese and raw onions! Then also squirt mustard in his mouth to wash it down.

He likes to do this right before his trainer and butt buddy Dennis James spots him on the bench press. Dennis James has no sense of smell so he doesn’t mind his breath on the bench.

dennis wolf olympia

  • Unfortunately, pre contest, the feta cheese bloats Dennis, and the onions make other competitors stay away, instead of get close for pose downs.

Dennis Wolf Loves Eating Blood Sausage During Meal Prep!

His big German blood sausage eating ass. Dennis was eating blood sausage sandwiches before he was cut from the umbilical chord.

Too much fat Dennis, not enough good protein, you big blonde German mountain monster.

dennis wolf meals

Dennis’s Favorite Meal Is Sauerkraut And Sausage!

If Dennis would stop eating german sausage with sauerkraut for breakfast and in between protein shakes, he would be able to lean out and have a shot to win one year.

Dennis Wolf

Dennis Wolf Injury

We all know that Dennis Wolf got injured, and aside from his diet, it’s just another reason we might not ever see him win the Olympia!

Obviously, Dennis Wolf lifts crazy heavy weight, and has for the most of his life. His injury is directly related to that, without question.

  • When you are on an insane amount of steroids, lifting an insane amount of weight, injury is inevitable.

Dennis wolf injury

Dennis Wolf Injury Is Related To Broken Off Spinal Fragments

Dennis mentioned that he has been feeling sharp pains in his back for quite some time. Once going to get an MRI, it was discovered that his injury is related to broken off spinal fragments.

This is a very serious injury, and the main reason we have not seen this guy for a while. 

Dennis’s Injury Led To Rumors That He Died

dennis wolf injury

If you saw his documentary Iron Fire, you can see that his trainer Dennis James called him discussing these rumors. Also, Marcus Ruhl made the same call.

  • It’s obviously not true that he died, but there were also rumors that he actually broke his back. Wheather that is true or not, I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t doubt it, since that is a common injury when you lift that heavy.

The latest and greatest on Dennis Wolf, is that he is back in full force and gaining his muscle size back. What he is planning on doing, only he knows. We sure did not see him at the last Olympia. 


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