700 Calories A Day Is Not Much, But It Does Something Amazing To You!

700 calories a day is far below than what you should be eating right? Not true. You can eat 700 calories a day and be perfectly fine.

I am going to show you what it did to me! I personally wanted to lose weight eating one meal a day. I know there are many different opinions out there, but I did not believe in the maximum weight loss per week theory! 

700 calorie meal

People starve and do intermittent fasting, cayenne pepper diets, and then everyone craps their pants when they hear 700 Calories.

“Oh that is so low, I don’t want to lose too much muscle and have low energy. 700 calories is barely enough to feed a small baby!”

You can do it in many different ways. You can lose weight eating one meal a day, or many meals per day. There is no actual maximum weight loss per weak, what you have heard are lies!

700 calories a day


Lose Weight Eating One Meal A Day – 700 Calorie Meal

Here is the meal you can eat that is 703 calories, and live off of that, and lose weight! I think this is best route to go in order to lose weight eating one meal, because it’s very well balanced.

You can also eat a slice of pizza if you want, but that will not have much nutrition that you need. 

700 calorie meal

Did you know that sumo wrestlers eat one meal a day to actually gain weight? It’s true. They want to completely slow down their metabolism, and then they pig out.

  • But a difference with them is, that they eat one huge meal a day with massive amounts of fat and carbohydrates. You will not be doing that to achieve your maximum weight loss per week!

Eating 700 Calories A Day In 2 Meals!

In case you want to have more than one meal to achieve you maximum weight loss per week, here is an example of the meals you can put together.

700 calorie meal

That is actually not that bad at all, I’m sure you agree! You are interested in losing the most weight possible in one week, and also on a weekly basis, this is the way you should go!

  • Nobody said it was going to be easy shedding the pounds! Being in a caloric deficit is never fun and it never feels good. Once you look better, you feel better, but the process is not that much fun.

Maximum Weight Loss Per Week

There are many different theories out there about what is the healthy recommended weight loss per week. The maximum weight loss per week will depend on your body and how much you weigh.

diet gif

You can also lose a massive amount of weight in one day if you ever wanted to.

  • There is a guy that swam the English Channel, and lost 26 pounds of fat in 48 hours! Non stop swimming did the job! He gained the weight on purpose before the swim, but the example shows that it’s not impossible!

Your goal for the maximum weight loss per week should be something you feel comfortable with. If you want to try eating one meal a day to lose weight, do it!

“If you want to try eating 700 calories a day, do it! You will find what works for you and you will shed the pounds!”

This Is What It Did To Me

I used to look like this…

diet meme

I know what you are thinking. I gained weight and turned Asian I know. That’s why the title was “700 Calories A Day, LOOK WHAT IT DID TO ME!”

This probably will not happen to you, but it did to me. This is also Muscle Roast, so what did you expect?


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