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They abused steroids, what happened to them is alarming!

Have you ever thought about doing a cycle?

If you did, you should take a look at this video and see what is waiting for you if you decide to dance with the juice. Most of these people are dead or in jail, or just plain messed up. Who ever thinks steroids are not bad for you, more power to them, but take a look at these idiots below and make your own decision.

Here are some side effects of steroids, in case you decide to poke yourself with the juice, and I ain’t talking about OJ.

    • Acne.
    • Mood swings.
    • Fatigue.
    • Restlessness/ agitation.
    • Decreased appetite.
    • Trouble sleeping.
    • Decreased sperm count.
    • Impotence.
    • Shrinking of the testicles.
    • Excessive hair growth in women.
    • Deepening of the voice in women.
    • Growth of breast tissue in men.
    • Fertility issues.
    • Heart problems.
    • Elevated blood pressure.
    • Rapid mood swings.
    • Mania.
    • Stroke.
    • Menstrual irregularities for women