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Photoshopped BODYBUILDER? HE IS NOT! Only 2 ft 9 inches tall!

Aditya Romeo Dev

Do you want to meet the smallest bodybuilder that has ever existed?

Meet Aditya “Romeo” Dev. Dev has trained to be a bodybuilder and he considers himself the strongest dwarf in the world. Using a regimen that includes 3.3-pound custom-designed dumbbells from his trainer, Dev has bulked up and is the size of an average 2-year-old. His chest measurement is 20″ and his exercise routine also includes aerobics and dance.

Dev said he’s never let his size stop him from doing anything, though his height — which is about as tall as a baseball bat — does make him shy around girls.

Still, Dev’s father said his son has never been bothered about his height or had an inferiority complex. While Dev said he is “always in the gym,” all his workouts are unable to combat his serious health condition. His family fears he doesn’t have long to live because he suffers from brain aneurysms and his family is too poor to finance necessary medical treatment.

What Is Primordial Dwarfism?

Dev is one of approximately 100 primordial dwarfs anywhere the world. His condition makes him susceptible to a range of medical complications. It’s unknown what causes the rare condition. Unlike other dwarfs, primordials have what are considered normal proportions, but their growth is retarded almost from the moment of conception.