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Ahmad Ashkanani Is An Arnold Classic Midget That Wins Trophies!

Ahmad Ashkanani

Ahmad Ashkanani won the Arnold Classic 2017!

Ahmad Ashkanani is an instant celebrity after winning the Arnold Classic in 2017. Standing at 5ft 3 inches tall, he is officially the king of short man syndrome, also known as Napoleon Complex! Can you imagine being 5ft 3 inches driving around in a Lamborghini full of steroids? Well my friends, Ahmad Ashkanani can!

Ahmad Ashkanani

Ahmad Ashkanani is a little midget that trains at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait. This gym is very popular now, after it’s appearance in Generation Iron 2. It will be even more popular now after training Brandon Curry, and now hosting the worlds strongest midget. He competed at the Arnold Classic weighing in at 212 lbs. No that is a little short monster if I ever seen one! This guy is one scary midget. Look at him tearing up the stage at the Arnold Classic!

Would you want to fight this midget? I sure as hell would not! Oxygen Gym in Kuwait provides a little more than oxygen, if you know what I mean. If they are known for oxygen, that oxygen must be coming from a vaporizing steroid tank full with enough juice to kill a race horse…

Ahmad Ashkanani

Ahmad Ashkanani’s boss in the above picture is a man of mystery!

The guy in the picture above was a mystery man. The man behind the scenes who is responsible for making Big Ramy big as fuck, and growing his heart to the size of a volleyball with steroids. We now know that the person responsible for Ahmad Ashkanani winning the Arnold Classic, is Bader Bodai. That said, we still don’t know who the hell this guy is, other than the fact that he looks sketchy as hell and who knows where the hell he gets his money to support these roid heads.

Ahmad Ashkanani’s severe Napoleon Complex!

Here is one individuals experience…

“I personally don’t understand what it is with some shorter guys to have this weird feeling they have to start shit with guys of my stature. Last night at the bar, minding my own business talking to a friend while sipping my coco martini I got smacked. I fell over got myself up and grabbed the guy by his neck and threw him against the wall and walked out. I didn’t do anything to this dude or even saw him before the altercation. One of his friends told me he always starts shit with big guys. Seriously???? WTF causes a guy to think he can just smack another person for no damn reason? I’m a gentle giant at 6’8 and 350 of pure love. I haven’t been in a fight in years let alone in something like this. I am really flustered from what happen last night. This isn’t the first time this happen to me but this is the first time physical harm was involved. Another thing that bugs me is that this happen in my friends bar in Chicago which has been watched by the law. I didn’t need to go to jail for some idiots actions. Has this happen to anyone?”

This is exactly what short people like Ahmad Ashkanani try to do. They want to prove them selves. So what is the true definition of Napoleon Complex?

“Napoleon Complex, otherwise known as short man syndrome, is actually a term that is used to describe the alleged type of psychological phenomenon. The sign of this phenomenon is being small, as comparable to the size of a small dog. If you dig deeper into Napoleon complex psychology, you will learn that this is also defined the inferiority complex that is commonly experienced by those diminutive people who are overcompensating for their height through becoming excessively aggressive.”

Well I would definitely say that Ahmad Ashkanani is becoming very aggressive. He shoots mad steroids in his ass and tries to show the world that nobody has bigger muscles than him in his little midget category.

We wish him the best of luck in his career and midget insanity.



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