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Alexander Krushelnytsky Fails Drug Test, But He’s Not An Athlete!

Alexander Krushelnytsky

Alexander Krushelnytsky participated in Curling, which is not a real sport!

Alexander Krushelnytsky should not even be considered an athlete if you ask me. What is curling anyway? I still don’t get this sport, it’s like shooting large marbles, and then sweeping the floor to make them go in a certain direction? Why not just get out of the way and let one person shoot or slide the damn thing. What is the point of scratching the floor? Anyways, let’s get to the point.

Alexander Krushelnytsky

(How gay is that picture)

A spokesman for the Olympic Athletes from Russia has confirmed one of their athletes failed a drug test during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. WHAT A SURPRISE, RUSSIANS…NEVER!

Alexander Krushelnytsky can’t pick up chicks!

According to the Associated Press, Russian state news agencies have reported the failure. The report made no mention of the athlete or sport, but Nick Butler of Inside the Games reports it is Alexander Krushelnytsky, a member of the mixed doubles curling team. They also reported, that Alexander Krushelnytsky had major problems in college and high school picking up chicks, since curling is a pussy “sport.”

Once again, the drug he used, is extremely similar to the drug this dumb chick used, who is surprisingly also from Russia. There is something weird, or lets just say everything is weird in Russia. One thing to note, is that no matter what happens, Vladamir Putin is behind it, and especially when it comes to sports and the Olympics.

It’s very clear that Vladamir Putin wants to rule the world, and also be the top country in all sports. He probably shot Alexander Krushelnytsky in the ass with performance enhancing drugs himself. Vladamir Putin used to be on steroids himself, look at his bitch tits that he got after he got off of his cycle. There is no photoshop here! There is no surprise he has everyone else in his country on steroids as well.

Alexander Krushelnytsky 


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