thanks again guys Thank you. 3. Hub Installation Instruction Sheet. Stuart, The local hardware store sells Pliobond and some generic epoxies. As the cycles of history prove over and over again, Hard Times Create Strong Men, Strong Men Create Good Times, Good Times Create Weak Men, Weak Men Create Hard time, Family and Friends (Announcements & Notices). Which Pliobond did you use on that, the 20, 30, or 30HT. These Acty drums are studded in the thinnest part of the drum, opposite the 4 webs, this is what i got machined down and drilled out. Then cranked the brake adjuster tight and tacked it up. If the ID of the brake drums are too big to turn, can they be spray welded and returned? Sometimes it can be fixed just by retracting the shoes, and sometimes some force is … Idea's? Although they mite think that drilling brake parts is a bit to far, can only ask. 68 GT Vert - J Code (1st car I ever drove in '73, dad bought it in '71) ACDelco GM Original Equipment Brake Backing Plate is a high quality GM-recommended replacement for your vehicle’s original components. Peen - As soon as the slag hardens (at each step weld) take a ball-peen hammer and make one sharp blow on the middle of the weld crown. The labeled drum shows the measurements that you need to know to select a brake assembly. unless you're talking about some kind of exotic car, I've never seen a brake drum that wasn't just plain ol cast iron. Finned Backing Plate Brakes. I'm building a coal forge for my shop and I recently ran across some plans that utilize a brake drum as the fire box. If you try to weld a complete joint made with brake tubing you will burn through. Mid 80's Aerostar's had 10x2.5" rear drums and 5 lugs. 4. I used a set on my 66 Mustang 8" rear and swapped the whole axle assembly to my 65 Falcon when I went to an 8.8 with 4 wheel disc on the stang. If re-using drum and bearings, check for wear or pitting in the bearings and cup surfaces. weld one inch length, skip one inch, start your next bead and weld back into your first bead. ie. Phone: 214-662-9483 Available Now!! ' Mid section of lining must be lowered for full contact. Cal, The auto parts store can rivet, but Clausing was kind enough to make the brake shoe a solid block of steel. Most brake rotors and drums are iron not steel. This page was generated at 05:57 PM. This sends a needed shock wave through the "new" metal and heated native metal. As such they are difficult to weld under the best of circumstances. Follow the curve of the lip on the brake drum. Installing Brake Drum After the brakes have been correctly assembled to the brake flanges, TAKE NOTE which direction the spoon needs to be moved in order to open the star wheel, mount the brake drum to the spindle. HTH Cheers Dennis B Any idea on how i can get them centered on the axle? The electric trailer brakes wont work because they can't grab the cast iron to apply the brake. brightspark, Dec 9, 2011 #4. brightspark Member. Part #4045 . (I know I do! I bought the flanges and they are 1/8 oversized. Is it possible to weld a small peice of steel to a cast iron brake drum? Replace those old drum brakes with modern rear disc brakes. You could just bend a hook on the all-thread and let the cement hold em.Weld up a cage out of some re-bar before you pour for added strength. Drum brakes are a common type of braking system found on the rear wheels of many vehicles. 6010 would be a poor choice on a drum, they are cast and you can bust one with a hammer, the best would be some preheat and Ni rod, next maybe some 7018 provided it wasn't going to be put in a hazardous situation. Wheel, you talking brake drum or wheel? There are some problems that do require drum turning or replacement. Part #54045 . With eyes cast down, he realized he did have his foot on exactly what he needed.“I happened to have my foot propped up on an old truck brake drum. Find leak, cut patch bigger than where leaking area is. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 20, 2017. HANIL special welding machine. Description If you have an older dual rear wheel (aka DRW aka “dually”) truck, you can convert your drum brakes over to disc brakes with this weld-on kit. Clean area where you be welding and tack patch on every 2" then fully weld. Weld on brake drum weight. This kit is specifically designed for the following axles: Dana 60 dual rear wheel axles (8-lug axles only) The brakes,because of friction,turn this kinetic energy into heat,then dissipate the neat.A lightweight steel drum.wont absorb much heat,so fading is a problem.A large cast drum will absorb much more heat,but they too will fade if used for a prolonged period.Disc brakes are superior because they will dissipate heat more readily. Phone: 214-662-9483. My tubes are 3" they have a 3.125 bore. Brake drums on the rear wheels of a car can be difficult to remove at times. All times are GMT-6. You can use the Aerostar's backing plates if you weld up the two non matching holes and re … Never used. Oversize brake drum, apply new shoes- small contact patch, poor stopping ability. The flat bar size used here was 130x10mm. My 3/4 ton '96 FORD truck has rear drums which are ALL cast iron. I've seen lots of toplink brackets that were cast steel, vs cast iron. Deep cracks that can not be machined out are dangerous and require drum replacement. Just grind on it; cast iron doesn't spark like steel. I slowed down the cooling process of the top link bracket by grinding the welds smooth afterwards. I have used JB Weld to bond brake shoes on three different brake assemblies with no problems. Brake Drum Weight . Mig you may get a pinhole leak. Steel Wheels are normally a weldable steel since the rims are electric resistance welded to the stamped centers. I'd suggest drilling matching holes in a piece of mild steel plate to line up with the wheel lug holes in the disc. Have you ever needed a specialty part and then struggled to find one? Order Form. The flange needed would depend on the manufacturer of your axle. they are cast steel, 7018/70s-6 will do it no problem. We can use this depiction to discuss the brake drum forge because the riveter's forge is identical in size and shape to a brake drum forge. Wheel, you talking brake drum or wheel? Brake Line Kits for Trailers I have the finned drums on my 68 and not sure if I can source them. I got out my tape measure, took … After an unproductive search at his local welding shop, Mike Korth began to wonder if he’d ever get his hands on what he needed. If this is your first visit, be sure to Check drum for surface ware. The heat of grinding put some heat back in, to slow down the cooling. Most passenger car drums I've seen are a mild steel stamped center cast onto the cast gray iron drum. About Wilson Welding and Machine. Spray Welding Brake Drums. While they serve the same purpose as disc brakes to slow the vehicle, they do so in a slightly different manner. Complete with rotors, hats, calipers (7/16"-20 inlets), brackets, brake pads, caliper brackets and slider bolts. The brake mounting flanges would need to be welded into place so that they are perfectly square and concentric to the hub face, and the flange would need to be placed so that it would put the brake assembly in the proper location. check out the. (after it has set up.) 39 Lincoln Brakes. Hat fits 5 lug hubs with 4-1/2", 4-3/4", or 5" bolt circle. Wilson Welding and Machine 2224 Sleepy Lagoon. AC Inverter resistance welding controller. You CAN weld to them but need the correct welding rod or wire plus sometimes preheat and post-weld treatment. Then weld the matching plate to the pipe. The reason I am asking is because I have a dump trailer made out of an old grain truck. Within the braking system the wheel cylinder is mounted to these brake plates and they serve as the foundation for the brake shoes and other drum brake components. It made it straight up and down on the axle, but its not centered in the bore. So down to insurance then, i can cope with that as i know a few that are good with mods from my 4x4 off road days. Weighs in at 165 grams and fits above existing factory weight on 5.7 flex plates. Or tack weld that ring back in the old drum … 5.7 Chevrolet Balancing Weight . Flower Mound, TX 75022. I installed the drum and tightened the wheel bearings nut. The machining of the inside of the drum, not the brake surface, looks like that to me. Perfect for balancing 383 or 416 strokers! The seller say's it's a new part. in fact I'll bet you won't find a better glue for this application.As with all epoxy cure it in an oven at about 250* F for about an hour. If anything goes wrong it could be death or jail. Buy new ones. Our year trucks are not listed on there site, just call them and they can make whatever you … 3. Engine Builders Directory Instead of using calipers to squeeze pads onto a rotor, brake drums use wheel cylinders to push brake shoes against the inside of a brake drum to slow the wheel. Drum brake linings seated, performance restored. Just my personal view, I have never, and will never weld brake callipers, discs or drums. Find out the shipping from him and come to a price both of you can agree on. The ring should sit nicely over the lip of the bottom brake drum and the top brake drum lip should sit inside it. The back plate remains stationary and it does not rotates with the wheel. Back-step your weld. Then weld the 3 pieces back together to make a ring. The tanks are usually to thin for stick. I tig weld if at all possible because less chance of a leak in the weld. The best upgrade for me brake wise before the Dana 60 went in was the install of a set of Crown braided brake lines, they made a big difference in pedal feel and response. Now immediately the hobby smiths on the forums are going to attack the idea that a blacksmith's fire must be … He says make an offer. (I know I do! ) How much do you have left over? Steel rotor hat mounts .81" x 11-3/4" Pro-lite vented iron rotors and calipers to 3" tube rear end. Any help would be appreciated. The whole assembly of the drum brake is fitted to the back plate of the wheel. That's why I don't try to weld the joints, just hit'm with the MIG (Lincoln Pro-MIG 135 turned down) real quick to tack the two pieces together. Hubs. Thanks! There can be a number of reasons for the drums to get stuck, mainly due to the expansion of the shoes within the drum. No big deal. Maybe you’ve considered wheel adapters, but you are concerned about safety or maybe swapping out to new axles and brake drums or rotors – a pricey endeavor. You need to know that the brake assembly is compatible with the brake mounting flange and with the drum's diameter and depth. Messages: 30,936 Location: yarm stockton on tees. Fire depth. 6010 would be a poor choice on a drum, they are cast and you can bust one with a hammer, the best would be some preheat and Ni rod, next maybe some 7018 provided it wasn't going to be put in a hazardous situation. Most brake rotors are made of ductile(aka nodular) cast iron. I usually use 1/8" thick material. Brake shoe resistance welding machine. Would you take a check for shipping and payment for the remainder? Once you've selected a hub-and-drum, you can choose a compatible hydraulic brake assembly.