He is the fiercest member and leader of the lion guard. Quartalsmitteilung zum 31. Kovu's mane isn't full yet, and Kiara's body becomes more slender, which means they're at the teenage stage. He is the son of Simba and Nala, and the younger brother of Kiara. 3:34. That would make a lot of sense, given that 12-13 is the age when lions start growing manes and maybe Kion just had an early puberty or something. His fur is light gold (which is resulted by Simba's gold fur mixing with Nala's tawny shades), while his muzzle, paws, and underbelly are all lighter in color. His tail tuft matches his head tuft in color, being somewhat bushier than his father's, and his eye rims follow the usual pattern, with the top shade being darker than his main pelt, while the bottom shade is lighter than his main pelt. At the end of the series, he retired from being the leader of the lion guard and became king of the Tree of Life upon his marriage to Rani. It's like Kovu and Kiara had a time jump and aged but Kion stayed the same age. He is the leader of the lion guard and the son of Simba and Nala. His fur is several shades lighter than his father's and carries more yellow undertones as opposed to his sister's orange. 15 years old). He is also Kiara's brother and the adoptive nephew of Bunga. He is the fiercest member of the team. Kion is a character in The Lion Guard: The Legand of Kion. Download PDF. As the second born child of the Lion King, Kion serves as leader of the Lion Guard, a team of animals who protect the Pride Lands and defend the Circle of Life. Zum Kalender hinzufügen. Kovu. Die Kion Group AG ist ein deutscher Anbieter von Gabelstaplern, Lagertechnik und verbundenen Dienstleistungen sowie Lieferketten-Lösungen. Apr. Cubs are hidden away until they are several weeks old, and have a very woolly, spotted coat for the first five months. Kion is the main protagonist of the show, The Lion Guard. 2021-03-02. She is the leader of the Night Pride and eventually ascends to become Queen of the Tree of Life with Kion as her King and mate. He is the son of Simba and Nala and the younger brother of Kiara. Unlike his older sister who went to Outlands that isn't allowed, Kion is obedient to his parents. protagonist of The Lion Guard, a movie and television series inspired by The Lion King. Kion and Kovu were the same size in season 1, but they weren't in season 3. - Scar I think was from the same litter and thus the same age. Kion is a young lion cub who first appeared in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar in 2015 before moving up to the television series in 2016. Kion and the Lion Guard were looking for these new creatures in the meantime, then they spotted some. Lion Age in Human Years Conversion Ass Bear Cat Chicken Cow Deer Dog Duck Elephant Fox Goat Groundhog Guinea pig Hamster, golden Hippopotamus Horse Human Kangaroo Lion Monkey Mouse Parakeet (Budgerigar) Pig Pigeon Rabbit Rat Sheep Squirrel Wolf years equals When he got scar over his eye after being bitten by Ushari, he started developing uncontrollable behavior, losing control of his Roar, losing his temper, getting easily annoyed, losing his patience, and sometimes getting a little violent. If not, it should at least be surrounding his neck and not just on his forehead. KION Group generates consistently strong level of order intake in the first nine months of 2020 (news with additional features) Detail. Das Unternehmen ist nach Toyota Material Handling der weltweit zweitgrößte Anbieter von Gabelstaplern und Lagertechnikgeräten und der Marktführer in Europa. Unnamed lion (maternal grandfather; presumed deceased), “Those are the kids I think,” Ono said. At this point, Kion's mane should be down his back and chest. While Simba is more rounded in appearance, Kion is robust and block-like, with a square jaw and a pronounced chest. Mär. Surak (uncle-in-law). 2021-04-28. Kiara (older sister), 02. Despite this he still followed Simba's rules and was cautious about going into the Outlands.