In four years reaching up to 30 ft. I have been requested by several websites to remove the information below. If everyone takes part we really CAN have cleaner air and a greener planet. The information I am giving you relates to hybrid poplars, however, it can be used with many other plants, willows, perennials, etc. I have other expenses such as printing, envelopes, grow bags, labor,Hormodin, Cart fees, Paypal commission and the postage is now $4.06. Hybrid poplar clones DN1 and NM6 available (NM6 grows a little wider, but DN1 seems to be more canker resistant)Hybrid Willow “austree” likes to bush out but can be trained into a tree- makes great privacy fence when planted in 2 rows offset. Cuttings are 8” long. Hardy in Growing Zones 3-10 they can be grown anywhere Use liquid fence or tree shelters. The longer the cuttings are, the more you have to scratch and the deeper the hole should be. Water them well. Detailed planting instructions are included. In the Northern Hemisphere is it between November and March. Prepare a rooting container before gathering a poplar cutting for propagation. I have planted cuttings in November (Southeastern Pennsylvania) to see the trees starting to grow in April. So, if you find cuttings just laying on the ground, push them back in the ground. Insert the cuttings all the way into the soil so the top bud is barely showing out of the soil. This soil can be outdoors, or in a container of some kind. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Depending on when you take the cuttings, they are called differently. 5 fast growing shade or privacy trees that are approx 8 inches tall and very easy to grow --Nice big leaves are vibrant green and thick foliage makes these real growers perfect a natural barrier --Planting Instructions and Growing Tips Included - 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed --Get the From the front page click on Distributors and then click on Modify to select your State. The trees should be moved to their permanent location when they are about a foot tall. Fast Growing. Hybrid Poplar cutting Clone types available (NM6 and DN1) NM6 grows a little wider and is a female clone which can produce some cotton after 5-10 years. Once it germinates, keep the soil moist. They make excellent high screens and windbreaks. Hybrid Poplar and Hybrid Willow Cuttings- shipping is included in cost. Protect the trees from deer by using liquid fence or use tree shelters. They don’t think the end-user should know how to make more trees or bushes from the ones they already have. A hybrid poplar is a tree resulting from the combining, either naturally or artificially, of various poplar species into a hybrid. Cuttings need at least 65 degrees to sprout. That is a 1-year branch. Pour equal measurements of perlite and coarse sand in a bucket. You get 5 Hybrid Poplar Tree Cuttings that are ready to be planted. If you are growing several cuttings close together, you may experience what is called “Damping Off” which is a virus that attacks all plants at the same time killing them overnight. I sold many of these trees to homeowners who just wanted to have a quick living fence or quick shade… well, after 3 years they changed their minds and decided to keep the trees. Wait until the tree is dormant (no leaves) and take a short branch from it. Be careful where you plant your cuttings because the roots may wander. The cutting will start growing when the temperature and light are appropriate. The planting site is located in USDA Zone 4, if you live south of Zone 4 you can expect considerably more growth. Support can be removed a few months after the tree starts growing. Scrape off a 1/4-inch-long sliver of bark from the severed end using a utility knife. After you plant the trees outside, they need very little encouragement to grow. Shipping: You will get a tracking number. I just got an email from a customer to whom I sent 5 cuttings last year in february. The cuttings must be taken only when the plants are dormant. For a 12 ft. cutting you want a foot deep hole and you want to support that cutting with a bamboo cane parallel to it and tied so the cutting does not sway with the wind. Normal spacing for these trees is 6 ft. I am currently testing dozens of these fast growing trees for disease resistance, utility uses, ornamental appeal, quick growth rates, and general adaptability. Hybrid poplars usually live 35 years or more and grow to 45-90 feet in height. are among the fastest-growing trees in North America and well suited for certain conditions. Scratch the lower 3″ of the cutting with a dull knife until you see green. If you ask for a hybrid poplar at any nursery they will tell you they don’t carry them. Several reasons: It grows too fast for their ‘repeat sales projects’. These cuttings are capable of growing to an astonishing 100 ft. in height with a crown 40 ft. wide in only 10 years. If you live in a place like Florida or Texas where it does not get cold enough for the leaves to drop, then do this in February which is normally the coldest month. We will try to supply you with a clone or clones suitable to the end use. Nurseries do not help either. I cant wait to see how well they do this summer! The trees do not need any light until the first buds start opening. You can get a nice privacy screen or windbreak in only 2 years, they make pulp logs in 6-7 years, they make saw logs in 8-10 years, a market is steadily growing for this material… and they are … Those buds are what is going to grow. SORRY COMPLETELY OUT OF FREE CUTTING KITS. The reason for his email is that two of the cuttings are growing. Frank Gomez If it grows too slow, or not growing at all, temperature is too low. I have done it with Spirea plants, American Beautyberry, Figs, Rose of Sharon, Forsythia, and many others. Poplar trees are great! I have 10 trees that I use for cuttings- (You can come and see them) grow from the stump 16 ft. in one year. The plants can be taken outside when temperatures are above 40 degrees and planted outdoors after all danger of frost is over. While the OP-367 has been used extensively for many years in Phytoremediation projects all over the US by agencies complying with the EPA’s requirements to remove dissolved metals from the environment, the homeowner has been kept in the dark about the tree and its benefits, specially to the environment. From every package of 5 free cuttings there are potentially 30,000 trees in 2 years and 3 million in 3 years! I feel differently: everyone has the right to know how to do it, so, here it is. The only problem with planting this early in the North is that the continuos freezing and thawing of the soil will push the cuttings out of the ground. The bud should be facing up.