2.5-3 day workshops are $379 (USD) for members and $499 (USD) for non-members. Courses. IAAO Course 601: Cadastral Mapping Methods & Applications This course is a continuation of the mapping science curriculum and exposes students to aspects of protocol and legal principles that are not featured in Course 600. Gravity. What is IAAO? IAAO Course 101 — USPAP . Write. Phone: 512-926-2511 Fax: 512-926-2920. Currently, IAAO offers a number of self-study and on-demand online workshops. Are also known as assessment maps, appraisal maps, ownership maps and tax maps. IAAO is accepting research topics submissions for the 2021 IAAO Research Grant Program and IAAO members, along with students and faculty, are now eligible to submit proposals. December 7-11, 2020, Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Ctr, Norman, Ok. Our workshop pricing varies based on the length of the course: 1.5-2 day workshops are $299 (USD) for members, and $395 (USD) for non-members. Cohort & Live Online Courses. This is a live course. IAAO Course 101 Workbook: Chapter 2. Course 101— This course provides students with an understanding and working knowledge of the procedures and techniques required to estimate the market value of vacant and improved properties. The materials and pace will be like the in-person version of the course. STUDY. How can I become a member of IAAO… This course includes an exam. Start studying IAAO Course 101 Review. Monday, December 9, 2019 << < > >> Contact Us. Your instructor is highly rated this IAAO course. Cadastral maps show. dominic28ab. This year we will follow IAAO’s lead and offer an ALL Virtual experience. Terms in this set (67) Cadastral maps. IAAO offers several 5 day courses that consist of thirty (30) instructional hours, exclusive of the final examination. Online Self-Study Courses. Some locations have multiple course offerings scheduled, these will appear like the image below. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. You do not have to have previously taken IAAO Course 600 to be successful in this course. Spell. You may use the side arrow boxes to toggle through the multiple offerings. Match. View More . Learn. Test. PLAY. Creating static & interactive maps with property & market data; Converting SPSS syntax to R; Creating & interpreting charts & graphs; Please inquire with any specific training requests to Paul Bidanset, IAAO Valuation Research Project Manager at bidanset@iaao.org or 816-701-8118. The course will be held March 29 – April 1, 2021 from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EDT. The IAAO Course Calendar will be updated weekly. 2028 E. Ben White Blvd., Suite 305 Austin, Texas 78741. Rick Norejko, CMS, delivers a quality course and is experienced with virtual instruction of IAAO courses. Created by. Oklahoma IAAO Chapter 320 Robert S. Kerr Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Phone: 405-713-1200 Frequently Asked Questions. All cohort and 30-hour live online courses are $499 (USD) for members, and $725 (USD) for non-members. Flashcards. Course Calendar Map . Scroll down on the map to view a course listing sorted by course name and start date. Site Map; Accessibility; ... IAAO Course 500 - Assessment of Personal Property - OKC. IAAO Course Map The following IAAO online courses are accepted by the Georgia Certification Program as outside continuing education credit: • Critical Issues Series - Understanding Intangible Assets • Online Course 101 - Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal • Online Self-Study 801 – Site Analysis Office Hours