15 Types of Documents By Mark Nichol. Identifies types of business documents, such as memorandums, faxes, brochures, letters, spreadsheets, databases, financial statements. Also available in ISKO Encyclopedia of Knowledge Organization, ed. An easily recognizeable document type and format increases a document's overall coherence and the audience's ability to use it efficiently. In the past, the word was usually used to denote written proof useful as evidence of a truth or fact. An insurance agent, for example, generates insurance applications and policies, while a … Recognizing your constraints, we have chosen to focus on seven types of essential documents that we feel will be most useful in the broadest number of potential research situations. Shown here are some example documents produced by a person doing desktop publishing. A framework for the description of generalized documents. Here are some words for specific documents, with explanations of their functions as well as additional definitions of the terms. For example, when a business requests a financial or environmental audit to be done, the information that is sent back to the business by the auditing body is called a report. For recording cash sales and cash purchases, cash memos serve as source documents. The papyrus or parchment was often rolled into a scroll or cut into sheets and bound into a codex (book). As a result there is one ARES number and notification to Desk officers. Document Stability and New Media." Houser, L. (1986). Cash Memo: Sales and purchases are the main features of any business enterprise. Simple textual documents may not require visual design and may be drafted only by an author, clerk, or transcriber. There are many other file types you can download from the internet, and each type requires a different program to run. Ms. Ott. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 47, 669–671. OneNote quick start guide, source: slideshare. Requirements documents are used to communicate the aims of a project in a clear, concise way to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page. Hjerppe, R. (1994). The page layout of a document is how information is graphically arranged in the space of the document, e.g., on a page. The DOC file type was popular due to its tie to Microsoft Office but it had its drawbacks. Obviously, no single website will be able to provide a thorough introduction to every type of document. Each letter prints on a separate sheet of paper. Create your free legal documents today. The types of transactional documents used vary somewhat by the nature of a business. Frankfurt is Main: Peter Lang. The transactions you want to manage include receipts, invoices, order forms, and transmittal pages. Word 97-2003 Document So you've got Word 2010, but your parents are still plugging along with Word 97. However, they are still being used to date but in a less scale. an official document or record stating that particular facts are true. These large files usually only use text and don’t include images. The Celex number is the unique identifier of each document in EUR-Lex, regardless of language. Information and information systems. The complete manual includes exhaustive information and instructions on how to install and operate the product. Below is a list of the most commonly found video file extensions..3g2 - 3GPP2 multimedia file.3gp - 3GPP multimedia file.avi - AVI file.flv - Adobe Flash file.h264 - H.264 video file.m4v - Apple MP4 video file As the name aptly implies, a Blank Document opens a blank document page where you can create your document from scratch.