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Are Muscles Attractive On A Girl, I Would Have To Say NO!

Are muscles attractive on a girl? Think again! Most guys do not think that muscles are attractive on a girl. I definitely do not think they are!

muscular girl

You might hear guys say that they like toned muscles on a girl, but what does that really mean?

“In reality, most guys don’t care about girls having muscles at all! Everyone likes someone that is in good shape, but having more muscle than the guy you are dating, is never a good mix!”

Do Guys Like Muscular Arms?

Guys, do like muscular arms, but not on chicks! How can you date a girl that is more muscular than you? Wouldn’t that just make you feel like a little wimp?

girl with big biceps

Even if a guy has big arms, or lets say muscular arms, that does not mean he wants you to have big muscles! Guys like dating girls, and for the most part, they don’t like dating guys 🙂

  • Having massive muscles and muscular arms, simply makes a girl look like a dude! Which for the most part of guys, is not attractive!

Do Guys Like Toned Bodies?

I am not going to speak for all men, but I will say that most guys don’t like girls that are fat. Sorry for being harsh, but it’s the truth.

toned woman

If chubby chicks were hot, why aren’t chubby girls Victoria secret models? Guys do like toned bodies, but again, how toned is the question.

  • If a girl has a ripped six pack, I would not find her attractive. That usually means that the rest of her body is extremely low in fat as well!

“Guys like toned bodies, just like girls like toned bodies. Girls don’t care if a guy has 22 inch guns, and guys don’t care if you have a six pack. That is a fact!”

girl with abs

How Muscular Is Too Muscular For A Woman?

Look at it like this. If you flex your tricep, and your tricep is jacked, you are too damn big!

There are exceptions to everything of course. If you are in the fitness industry, and are planning on dating massive bodybuilders who are on steroids, I’m sure they don’t mind you having big muscles. 

female bodybuilder gif

What they think is too muscular for a woman, is way different than what the average guy thinks is too muscular.

  • A good way to find out how muscular is too muscular for a woman, is to compare yourself to what other female bodybuilders and fitness models look like.

female fitness meme

At the end of the day, if you are happy with the way you look, more power to you and you shouldn’t change. But if you are thinking about getting muscular just to get a guy, that is the wrong approach!

Do Guys Like Athletic Bodies?

This goes back to if guys like toned bodies, so the answer is yes to athletic bodies. Every person has their own taste, but the percentages are in your favor if you have an athletic body.

girl flirting

For example, only 3% of guys might be chubby chasers, and 97% of guys might like athletic bodies on girls.

The same goes for women. Women prefer a guy that has an athletic body over a guy that is not in shape right?

  • If you are happy with the way that you look, and you are healthy, don’t change. If you are looking to get more muscles or get toned in order to get a certain guy, I think you shouldn’t.

That said, people like other people that are attractive, and there is nothing wrong tying to look attractive!

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