What Could 1 Year Of Taking Steroids Do To Your Body? Just Look At This Guy!

are steroids bad for you

Are steroids bad for you? The answer is YES, you can stop asking that stupid question…

Steroids make your muscles bigger, and guess what, your heart is a muscle as well. As your biceps gets bigger, so does your heart!

There is no shortcut to success!

You might have heard on several occasions. And, with so many of our actors bulking up to get incredibly ripped bodies , success for some young men equates to having a body similar to them. While this is not a negative aspiration as being fit as a fiddle is really good for your health and life in general, using steroids to get there is definitely a dangerous trend.

are steroids bad for you
How do steroids help build muscle?

‘Steroids help in producing proteins and preventing the effects of cortisol in muscle tissues resulting in an improved muscle mass. Gradually, the muscles turn into biceps, triceps and six- pack abs. They become three times bigger than its original size,’, Indu Tolani, a dermatologist told IANS.

are steroids bad for you What are some of the commonly available steroids?

Steroids are usually derivatives of male hormones like testosterone and are usually taken in an oral or injection form. Some of the common ones sold are – andro, clenbuterol, clen, primobolan and decadurobolin. The reason they’ve become popular is that they are not that expensive with a vial costing between Rs 80 and Rs 300.
Also, gyms across the country sell steroids at a high rate of Rs 5000 for a box of capsules that’ll last three months. Sometimes, steroids are given by gym trainers in the garb of health supplements too as there is a huge profit margin for the gyms in this, even more than the cost of the gym membership itself. Read more about how weight gain worries may push male teenagers to drugs.

What are some of the side-effects of using steroids?

are steroids bad for you
Using steroids can have several side-effects with the most dangerous one being that it can make you infertile! They can also damage your liver and kidneys, and in some cases cause a swelling in your brain. Additionally, steroids can also cause problems for your heart such as high blood pressure, enlargement of heart, high cholesterol, etc. The side effects don’t stop here – they can lead to the formation of acne or pimples, make you excessively aggressive and give you suicidal tendencies. Find out more about how steroids can even make people commit murders.

are steroids bad for you
Surely, all these side effects make taking steroids extremely risky for you. Besides these side effects, they are also illegal. ‘Using steroids for building muscles is not only wrong but is illegal.’, V.M. Katoch, director general of Indian Council For Medical Research told IANS. Getting a superstar body is desirable, but it should come only with dedicated exercise, strict diet and lots of hard work.

Here Are Some More!!!

Harms the Cardiovascular System

We consider taking products that we think may help us physically, but anabolic steroids apparently don’t do much good to the body. It has been proven that steroids cause blood clotting disorders, elevated triglycerides and cholesterol, and salt and water retention, which lead to high blood pressure. It also causes enlargement of the heart, which increases the risk of heart attacks.

Damages the Skin

We are always advised to follow a healthy diet to maintain good skin. Many are using products to make the skin even smoother and healthier. However, there are also products such as the anabolic steroids that significantly damage the skin. It may cause the skin to become oily and produce bad acne on the chest, shoulders and back. It also causes balding and puffy cheeks.

are steroids bad for you

Destroys the Gastrointestinal System

Since the steroids are taken inside the body, we can expect the systems inside the body to suffer the most. The digestive system is one of the most that will surely suffer once you start consuming anabolic steroids. Continued use may cause formation of liver cysts. This could lead to liver cancer.

Other Bad Effects

Apparently, anabolic steroids have a lot of bad effects when one continuously use it. In addition to the above, it may also cause hypertension, bad breath, aching joints, jaundice, trembling, and increased chance of injury to muscles, ligaments and tendons.

With these numerous health risks of using anabolic steroids, you must now highly reconsider not using it if you have plans to incorporate it in your diet in the future. It would be better if you look for safer alternatives such as our pure deer antler velvet.

How Addictive Are Steroids?

Are steroids bad for you

Are anabolic steroids addictive? Although you don’t get the “buzz” or “high” with anabolic steroids like you would with other addictive drugs, you can still form a steroid addiction. They don’t have the same addictive characteristics as the other drugs, but you can become addicted both physically and psychologically to them.

Physical Addiction

There are many types of steroids in the anabolic and glucocorticoid class that have been shown to lead to a physical dependence. People with an anabolic steroid addiction could experience physical effects of steroids, such as withdrawal, when they abruptly stop using the steroids, since their bodies have become adapted to them.

Psychological Addiction

If you are psychologically addicted, you suffer from a behavioral condition known as muscle dysmorphia, where your view of yourself is distorted. For example, men who have this condition, even if they are muscular and big, believe they look small and weak, and women believe they are fat, even though they are muscular and lean.

Typically, if you have an anabolic steroid addiction, you either inject them into your muscles or take them orally. Your dose may be up to 100 times higher than prescribed doses for treating medical conditions.

Who Is Typically Abusing Steroids?

Muscle Magazines alter teens perception of need for steroids

If you are abusing steroids, it might be because you’re trying to change your physical abilities and appearance. Athletes are trying to gain a competitive edge. Football players use them to feel more aggressive in a game. Baseball players are looking for more batting power and bodybuilders are trying to feel stronger, get bigger and increase their confidence.

This competitiveness is often the reason you might begin using anabolic steroids. Generally, it is thought that men are the primary group who abuse steroids. However, females looking for a better physique or women athletes often turn to them as well.

This problem doesn’t stop with bodybuilders and athletes. It is widespread and includes business professionals, fitness buffs and school-age children. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), over half a million students in grades eight through 10 are now using steroids, and even more high school seniors don’t think they are risky. Around 0.5 percent or 1,084,000 American adults, claimed they used anabolic steroids, according to another study. Among athletes, it’s estimated that up to six percent abuse steroids.

How Do People Become Addicted to Steroids?

There are many reasons why you might start using steroids and become addicted. Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts claim they improve their physical performance and give them that competitive advantage. Steroids are claimed to increase strength, lean body mass and aggressiveness, and decrease recovery time after a workout, allowing individuals to train harder, furthering their endurance and strength.

Certain occupations call for increased physical strength, and construction workers, bodyguards and police officers are known to use steroids to achieve that. If you are a non-athlete, you might take them to increase muscle size and endurance, reduce body fat or increase strength.

The problem, however, is that you begin taking steroids because you think they are harmless and will boost performance, but then you quickly spiral out of control and eventually become addicted, with problems like joint pain, liver damage, depression and hallucinations. Even when corticosteroids are prescribed for conditions like arthritis, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease or others, it can still lead to the abuse of these drugs and addiction.


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