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Ronnie Coleman Wins Arnold Classic 2018! What An Amazing Story…

arnold classic 2018

Arnold Classic 2018 Winner Is None Other Than Ronnie Coleman, The Greatest Of All Time!

Arnold Classic 2018 was a sight to be seen. The winner of the 2018 Arnold Classic has been long awaited, and finally after all this time, it’s official that Ronnie Coleman has taken the crown. Ronnies Old ass was a late entry, but he still did manage to pull off the unthinkable. You may ask how this actually happened? You didn’t see him at the show, you didn’t see him on stage, so how in the world did Ronnie Coleman win the Arnold Classic 2018?

arnold classic 2018 winner

Are you ready for it? Ronnie put special cream on his belly, that made him look white. With all of the racial tensions in the world today, Ronnie said “hey maybe if I was white I would automatically win?!” And you know what, he was right, and he did win.

The Arnold Classic 2018 winner won, because he painted his skin white…

Arnold Classic will never be the same, and we do wonder what in the world will happen after this Arnold Classic 2018? Will bodybuilders stop putting on self-tanner? Will bodybuilders take the route of Ronnie Coleman and just paint their bodies in all white in order to appeal to the all white judges? I guess we will have to wait and see. At first we thought that Ronnie was just being a goofy as bastard and dumb as shit, but dam, he walked away with the trophy. 



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