Muscle Roast

Arnold goes undercover in Gold’s Gym! Did anyone recognize him?


The Terminator decides to raise some money for charity! I wish I was at the gym that day, and I know many others wish the same. I also know that people who didn’t come to work out that day at Golds gym want to shoot themselves. The one chance they had to meet Arnold, gone!

The “Terminator” star, 66, donned a fake black mustache and ponytail and put on a Gold’s Gym uniform to make a funny video, all to raise awareness and money for the nationwide After-School All-Stars program. The elaborate stunt is part of a promotion that offers donors to the cause an opportunity to hang out with Schwarzenegger. Another opportunity, listed through, invites donors to win a date with actor George Clooney. Either way its a positive thing he did, and very cool!