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How To Become A Bodybuilder, Stupid QUESTION!

bodybuilder drinking alcohol
Being a competitor, or wanting to look like this, you better be ready to spend the majority of your days on the toilet.

How To Become A Bodybuilder? Well Since You Asked…

If you want to know how to become a bodybuilder, you are probably thinking about becoming a bodybuilder. If you are thinking about becoming a bodybuilder, you probably have some major issues.

how to become a bodybuilder

You should first ask yourself why do you even want to know how to become a bodybuilder? Do you have a small penis, do you have napoleon complex? One of those two are probably true.

If you seriously want to know how to become a bodybuilder, here is how you do it!

  • Get a steroid dealer near you, or just order that shit online!
  • Get another steroid dealer in case the first one goes to jail!
  • Start eating 10-20 meals a day and stuff your face with a ton of protein.
  • Drink so much water that you will have to go to the bathroom every 2-4 minutes.
  • Make sure you have a very small penis that will never get hard because of the steroids you are on.

steroids gif

That is your answer to “how to become a bodybuilder.” It’s sounds funny, but that is actually the best advice you will get, and the most honest advice you will get.

  • That is how you become a bodybuilder. Massive amounts of steroids, and a shit load of food. It is that simple. Once you do that, you just have to start going to local competitions and winning them.

They are not hard to find, you can just google “bodybuilding competition near me.”

Can Anyone Be A Bodybuilder?

The answer is hell yes. Anyone on planet earth can become a bodybuilder. As long as they follow my instructions above, anyone on earth can become a bodybuilder. 

can anyone be a bodybuilder

You have to understand that once you start taking steroids and eating massive amounts of meals and protein to get big (steroids mostly), you will get huge.

  • You will look nothing like you do today. So can anyone be a bodybuilder, yes! Take a look at these guys.


That is one example of what the juice does to your body. Now take a look at this guy Calum Von Moger, and what he used to look like. He is a huge social fitness influencer today.

“He is also obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that is not the point!”

calum von moger steroids

So can anyone be a bodybuilder? YES! There are many more examples, the list is too long!

How much money does a body builder make?

How much bodybuilders make definitely varies based on how good you are, and what bodybuilding shows you are winning. After that, it matters what the prize money is.

So how much does a bodybuilder make on average, around $60K per year. Of course, the top bodybuilders are millionaires and do quite well. Just check out Phil Heath and his net worth.

phil heath car

What you need to know, is that your income should be coming by branding yourself and making a name in the fitness industry on social media.

  • Being a competitive bodybuilder will leave your ass broke on the street if you don’t get your social media right, and your brand.

How do you train to be a bodybuilder?

If you want to know how to train to be a bodybuilder, that is easy! You don’t have to change your workout out at all. Do the same shit you were doing, just with more weight, as you get stronger with steroids.

roelly winklaar 2018

  • Training to be a bodybuilder is very easy, since everything that you do will work. There is no magic workout. Just google a famous bodybuilder, pick a workout and do it.

So how do you train to be a bodybuilder? Do any workout that the pro’s do, THEY WILL ALL WORK! Check out CT Fletchers Arm Workout!

How much does a bodybuilder eat a day?

In reality, knowing how much does a bodybuilder eat a day, all you have to do is google their meal plans. You can also go on Youtube and look up bodybuilding nutrition. 

bodybuilder eating

As an example, I can tell you that bodybuilders eat about 7-10 meals a day. Yes, they eat A TON of food. They are simply too big and have too much mass, to eat like normal people.

The food that a pro bodybuilder eats a day consists of an insane amount of calories as well.

  • I won’t bore you with actual meal plans. I will tell you that you better get ready to eat like crazy, and dedicate your life to it. If you didn’t know, bodybuilders are nothing but professional eaters. Nothing more.

bodybuilder eating

Good luck, see you at Mr. Olympia!


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