Belly Fat Last To Go Huh? Well That Is Only True For Women!

Why is the belly fat last to go? Well that is only true for women and not men. If you are a guy, you will notice that belly fat is the first fat you get when you gain weight! Even if you do good exercises for stomach fat. (see bottom of post)

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If you are a woman, belly fat is the last fat you get when you gain weight. When women get fatter, or gain weight, the first place they get fat is their thighs. The first place men get fat, is their stomach.

Checking out a body weight simulator is a good idea as well. If “belly fat last to go” is true, find out how long it will take you in the simulator.

Belly fat last to go with women, because it’s the last place that gets fat when women gain weight.

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The first place fat leaves in women is their thighs. I know it’s kind of weird, and I really don’t know why that happens.

“I guess it has something to do with our bodies of course, and where the most fat cells live in men and women. You are really left with no option other than to just diet if you want to lose belly fat.”

You have to do good exercises for stomach fat, and diet. What are good exercises for stomach fat? Let’s talk about some.

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Good Exercises For Stomach Fat

If you want to know how to lose belly fat at home, or in the gym, the answer is the same. Cardiovascular exercise gets the fat from your stomach down the fastest.

  • Of course you have to diet along with doing good exercises. There is no exercise that will get your stomach slim, if you do not diet.

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Good exercises for stomach fat are running, stair master, lunges, jogging, walking, squats, whatever get’s your heart rate up! It is as simple as that. You can even try the 700 calories a day meals if you want, but you need to be in a caloric deficit all the time. 

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat In One Week

If you want to exercise to lose belly fat in one week, you need to go crazy on cardio and diet. If you don’t, you will not lean out your stomach.

Instead of focusing on exercises to lose belly fat in one week, you should focus on foods to loose belly fat in one week. And those foods are, you ready? Boiled chicken breast and broccoli!

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  • That is what you eat all week long for the best results you could possibly get! Trust me on that it’s a proven fact. On women, belly fat is the last to go, so that means you are really overweight if you are trying to lose stomach fat.

Women can be overweight and actually have a flat stomach, we have all seen that before. 

Exercises To Lose Lower Belly Fat

“If you are looking for exercises to lose lower belly fat, that is a different story. Many people, men and women included, hit a plateau with fat burning and get left with lower abs not being defined.”

That is pretty tough advice to give, but I have to say I have the answer. You have to work harder, carb cycle, and increase your cardio. That is the only answer to loosing that last fat deposit in your lower abs and stomach.

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  • If you are ready to do that, exercises to lose lower belly fat do not matter really. You can do regular crunches, you can do fancy crunches that you learned from some stupid overpaid trainer.
  • The only thing that will work, is a more strict diet, and more cardio. It is as simple as that.

Conclusion About Fat Loss In The Belly

No matter where you want to lose fat, you have to diet and exercise. You can’t target one body part and just lose fat there. Like I said, naturally in women, belly fat is the last to go, and in men, it’s the first to go.

It’s just how our body’s are made and how they function.

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“Also, most people these days know how to diet, and know what foods are good and bad. It’s the people that actually do it, that get results and reach their goals with decreasing stomach fat, and maybe even getting abs.”



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