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Best Exercises For Older Adults, DON’T DO THIS!

What Is The Best Exercise For Oder Adults?

The best exercise for oder adults is much different than for someone who is younger.

As we get older, our bodies change and respond to different exercises in many different ways. 

exercise older adults

  • When you are young, you can pretty much get away with doing anything.

I am mainly talking about injury and muscle recovery time, so don’t for a second think that you can’t get into amazing shape as an older adult!

When you are younger, your exercises look almost the opposite than they do for older adults.

Your form doesn’t have to be perfect, your frequency doesn’t have to adequate, the intensity can always be through the roof, and you will still be able to recover.

No matter how much you stress you put on your muscles, your body will recover.

The longer you do things the wrong way, the sooner you will start to suffer the consequences of your actions.

exercise older adults

  • After a certain age, your body’s recovery ability will get diminished, along with your metabolism.

If you are an older adult, you should look into specific exercises that will not overly tax your joints and your muscle, and therefore your central nervous system.

Those will be the complex, compound or multiple joint movements, which are also the best muscle builders.

“When you are younger, compound movements are great and you are also able to recover from them.”

 As an older adult, in order to progress, you should focus on preservation and consistency.

Yes, complex exercises produce the best results, but there are other alternatives that are much safer and will provide you with almost the same muscle gain.

older adult gym

Deadlifts, squats, bench press, barbell shoulder press, barbell and T-bar rows, dips and pull-ups are probably the best and the most effective exercises.

That said, the results will come at a much slower pace, since you will need a lot of recovery time.

  • Stay away from these, and stick with something that will be 80-90% as effective, which are basically isolation movements.

The exercise selection can very for every individual.

If you have trained frequently before, try to remember which exercises made you feel discomfort and which felt good.

  • If you never trained before, you can try this out now, just see how you feel during certain exercises.

Try things out and make sure to note what feels right and what feels wrong for your body.

old lady gym

Usually if you feel joint pain, it’s not a good exercise for you! The only thing you should ever feel is muscle tension, and not actual pain.

All humans are very similar, that is true, but everybody has a slightly different bone structure and muscle insertions.

  • Some people will enjoy doing deadlifts if they have longer arms and shorter legs.

On the other hand, bench press might feel a little funny with those with longer arms.

Depending on where your pectoral muscle is inserted, you will either feel pressure on your muscle tendons or the actual pectoral muscle.

This is very important to know no matter your age.

senior citizen gym

Here Are Some Examples Of Safe Exercises That Will Provide Results!

Instead of doing the good old bench press, try that new hammer strength machine but stick with it only if it feels good and doesn’t hurt you in any way.

If it doesn’t feel great, try the smith machine, or the pin loaded chest press.

You should include some form of a press movement into your routine.

  • Doing only fly’s is not the best idea, but if you can’t do pressing movements, don’t risk it, do the fly’s.

As far as pulling movements, forget about deadlifts, bent over barbell rows and T-bar rows!

These will destroy your spinal erectors and you will have trouble recovering from it!


If you really want to target them, do back extensions with your own bodyweight, or on a machine.

old lady gym

  • Try to do your pull workouts only with machines and cables.

It may not be as hardcore (if that is what you are looking for), but lying in bad after an injury for a week is also pretty lame.

Forget about squats as well, do leg presses on the sled, and the pin loaded machine is also good as well. 

Leg extensions and leg curls should also be a part of your leg routine.

  • If your goal is to stay in the game for a long time, and see results instead of getting injured after a few days.

Are Rowing Machines Good For Older Adults?

Rowing machines are probably one of the best things that you can buy if you are an older adult.

Spend less money on buying your sugar baby a new iPhone, and buy yourself one of these machines!

older adult rowing machine

This exercise is not only going to make your cardiovascular system much stronger, but it will also activate your pulling muscles and develop a great back!

  • This exercise is far better than any other cardiovascular machine.

It’s better than the stair master, treadmill or stationary bicycle.

Activating the muscles and causing hypertrophy will make your body young again!

This will restart the repair mechanism, and during it your body will use muscle memory in order to recover and grow!

The body will start craving all the nutrients necessary for this process, and while it recovers your muscles will recover as well.

Your blood flow will increase as well, which means your heart will become more efficient at pumping blood.

blood flow

  • Once that happens, you will have more oxygen which makes your entire body function a lot better.

When I say body, yes I mean muscles, but also  your organs including your brain!

Doing this type of exercise regularly will be very good for your overall health without a doubt!

How Much Exercise Should Seniors Get?

This is very individual and it depends on many factors.

Not knowing your exact age and other markers that are necessary to determine your ideal training frequency, I can only give you tools needed to figure it out yourself.

There is this equation: Volume x Intensity x Frequency x Recovery = Progress.

So, depending on your recovery ability of course, your training frequency will be determined.

  • The time you spend in the gym or the amount of working sets you do in the gym, is also a very important factor in this equation.

senior citizen gym

How hard you push yourself in these working sets are also of great importance.

Keeping this in mind, all you have to do is try it out see what works for you.

  • Test the waters by trying a certain amount of working sets.

Play around with working the same muscle group once a week, and then increase the frequency while lowering the volume.

If you recover by the time of your next training session, this is a great target zone for you to stick with that workout. 

You’ll now this because you will not be sore, and feel tired, which could be symptoms of overtraining.

old man gym

  • If you feel weaker and barely make it to the gym, you should ease it up a little bit and do a little less exercise.

If you are thinking about your training session days before you go, and feel like you can do more, than by all means, do more!

Trust your instincts and listen to your body! Your body will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is The Best Exercise Equipment For Older Adults?

The best thing for your body, if you are an older adult, would not be a stationary bike or the bench press!

You should go with something in between, and the best thing that you can for yourself is the gladiator machine.

This machine will give you the tools to activate your back, chest, shoulders, arm and leg muscles, in an easy and fun way.

old man leg workout

  • It does not take up too much space, and it is a great investment for a home workout.

What Is The Best Diet For Older Adults?

Older adults, unlike younger people, should not focus too  much on protein intake.

Protein intake is what makes your body grow, but it’s also stressful on your organism.

If you are not in your 20s or 30s, your body will not be super efficient at processing protein without side effects.

  • What you should focus on is getting enough vitamins in your body, they will maintain your health and longevity which now the most important thing.

old person diet

Try to get enough fiber in your diet, since that will help with digestion!

  • Keep your colon clean, and speed up your metabolism which will have significant long term benefits.

Healthy or unsaturated fats are also extremely important for hormonal production, and a small dose of  saturated fats will also help with a lot of testosterone production.

Keep one thing in mind, people that live the longest on earth today do not even work out!

Yes it’s true. We were designed in a way that we actually don’t need to lift weights, or anything for that matter. 

  • If you have a goal to maintain muscle size, that is a different story. Everything is in the diet.

A plant based diet, with some protein is the way to go, and has been proven to increase longevity.


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