Have You Ever Risked A Bicep Tear In Order To Impress A Girl?

Well definitely don’t take advice from this guy (in the video below) who had a nice bicep tear after starring at some ass!

Obviously this is just a funny video, but we should all be aware of how you can actually tear a bicep!

bicep tear

Have you ever stopped doing your regular workout just to get your arms jacked because you saw a hot girl walk in the gym?

  • Let’s be honest, we all have! Who the hell wants to be doing legs in a tank top when a super hot girl walks in the gym?

When that happens, it’s obviously time to get your biceps jacked! Maybe some triceps too 🙂

This is just funny, but if you really tore your bicep, here is some additional info that might help you out!

What Is A Partial Bicep Tear?

There is a slight difference between a full blown bicep tear and a partial bicep tear.

What is that difference, well a full bicep tear means you completely fucked up your arm!

  • A partial bicep tear usually tells you, that you came really close to fucking up your arm, and you are going to suffer a little bit less pain than you would if you went a little further with the injury.

bicep tear

“Tearing your bicep comes from either over using it, and simply injuring it because the bicep never had enough time to recover.”

  • partial bicep tear is a tear that does not completely sever the tendon, only partially.
  • complete bicep tear –also known as a bicep tendon rupture— will fully split the bicep tendon into separate pieces, and cause a complete tear.

The other reason would be, that you just lifted too much damn weight like a dumbass and tore your bicep.

There is always the option that a tendon can tear from moving or twisting your shoulder or elbow in an awkward way, or maybe even falling down. 

big biceps

A biceps tendon tear is very common at either the shoulder or the elbow.

  • A tear can also be complete or partial. A complete tear means the tendon has torn away from the bone.

What are the symptoms of a biceps tendon tear?

Well the first symptom will be insane pain that is very sudden. It will usually happen immediately after you do your stupid ass heavy as lift.

  • The pain will be felt either at the upper part of your arm or maybe at the elbow, it just depends on where you injured your tendon.

Sometimes, you will even hear a pop, which is definitely not a pleasant feeling! Here are some other symptoms!

big biceps

  • A really sharp pain immediately at the shoulder or elbow.
  • You will get a bruise the following day on the upper arm or forearm right by the elbow.
  • You will feel weak in the shoulder and maybe by the elbow as well.
  • Trying to rotate your arm by placing your thumb up or down will be painful.

Keep in mind that surgery might be needed to fix this injury, but people can sometimes function without a problem while having this injury.

bicep tendonitis

How Is Biceps Tendonitis Treated?

If you didn’t completely tear your bicep, and just have tendonitis, you can completely recover just by applying some proper care! Here are some tips on how to make your injury better.

  • First use ice or some cold packs on the injured area to reduce swelling and also pain.
  • Try to prevent swelling by using medicine such as aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce swelling as well!
  • Definitely stay away from the gym, that is a fact. Do not go lifting weights and making this injury worse!
  • Consult your doctor, or even find some recovery videos on Youtube on how to rehab your injury slowly.

flexing bicep

If you have a severe injury, surgery might be the best way to go, since people have been found to completely recover in a short amount of time.

How To Prevent Bicep Tendonitis?

The cure to any heath issue, is usually preventing it!

  • Since tendonitis is usually caused by overuse and overtraining, your best bet is to allow proper recovery time for you body after each workout.
  • Also make sure you are not overtraining during your sessions. Even if you work out twice a week, you can still overtrain and tear something.

big biceps

The next great method of prevention, is to use proper form, don’t lift like an idiot with weight that is too heavy for you.

How Long For A Bicep Tear To Heal?

If you are choosing to get surgery for your bicep tear, your arm may be in an elbow brace or a splint anywhere from 4 to 7 weeks.

Following that you might need to wear a full sling for a week or two to ensure proper healing. 

bicep injury

  • Of course, you should expect to feel very tired for a few days and also have some pain. Swelling should be there but it should also go down each day as time goes on.

You will need rehab if you want full recovery!

This will probably last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks after your surgery.

This is after your splint or brace is taken off. Rehab on it’s own can last for about 2 months and also about 3-5 months for your muscle to fully heal.

bicep tear

  • The goal is, know the exercises you can do on your own, and be consistent as well in your recovery.

A lot of people who work a desk job can return to work in 1 to 2 weeks.

If you lift, push, or pull at work, it may take 3 to 4 months or longer before you can return to work.

  • You can expect to recover and be functional, along with play sports 4 to 6 months after the surgery.

How long your recovery takes all depends on how severe your injury was and how long the rehab has lasted.

injured bodybuilder

Prevent A Tear Or Any Injury

Once again, the best way to cure a bicep tear or any injury in the gym, is to never let it happen in the first place.

“You should constantly be paying attention to how your body feels when you are working out, during every single movement.”

When something doesn’t feel right during the movement, stop doing that exercise immediately.

  • If you are putting too much effort into a lift on the first rep, you are using too much weight!

Working out while you are dehydrated, or hung over, you need to be EXTRA careful!

If you are dieting, you need to be EXTRA careful. These are the times when you are way more prone to injury!


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