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Bicep Workout MYTHS Are WHY You Are NOT GROWING!

Bicep Workout, The Ugly But Beautiful Truth!

Bicep workout advice, the garbage that is out there couldn’t be any worse. is coming to the rescue! We want to give you the truth about getting a good bicep workout and what actually works, and what does not!

  • We all have different genetics, we all come in different shapes and sizes, and we all respond to different things.

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That said, one thing holds true…MUSCLE IS MUSCLE! AND BICEPS ARE BICEPS!

The same stuff my muscle is made of, is the same stuff your muscle is made of (muscle fibers)! That is a fact!

  • So here is your bible on getting bigger biceps, and the truth about a good bicep workout!

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Why Do People Want Bigger Biceps

People want bigger biceps because it’s the muscle that everyone looks at as soon as you tell them you work out.

“People want bigger biceps because it’s what girls look at immediately if you are wearing a t-shirt. People want big, and nice looking arms in general, not only bigger biceps.”

Unfortunately many people struggle with this, which is exactly the reason why steroids are so popular.

Bigger biceps

  • The main reason people struggle with this is because they read the bullshit that people post online, and they follow it (a shit bicep workout plan). No wonder, many don’t get results.

Before we get into what works, here is some bullshit that you might have read in articles all over the internet and magazines!

Bicep workout – MYTH #1 – “Don’t use momentum”

Here it goes… if you want bigger biceps, do “NOT USE MOMENTUM.”

Why, because momentum is BAD FORM! This is crap. Yes we all know you should have good form, blah blah blah.

  • The fact is, you can use momentum if you want and you can get results, and you also don’t have to use momentum, and you can still get results.

There is one thing I will guarantee you, there is not a single person on earth that has big biceps, that doesn’t swing when doing arms (to an extent of course).

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I am not telling you to swing like a maniac, and use way more weight than you can do properly for 10-15 reps.

  • I am saying you will need a little momentum once in a while, and that is fine, but also recommended!

I bet you your protein jug that you will not get bigger biceps if you do perfect form. I don’t know why, it just won’t happen…it just won’t!

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There is just something about putting a little swing and jerk into the reps that work the muscle better, and it might not be considered “perfect form.”

It’s very important to understand the definition of perfect form as well.

  • Perfect form is a movement that exactly targets the muscle you want to work, and you feel great contractions when performing the exercise.

bicep workout

If you do a ton of light weight reps and feel a deep burn, your arm can get a little harder and it can get some shape, but it won’t really grow much.

Heavy Weight Curls And Reps!

You need to put some weight on and bang out 10-15 reps for some size brother!

  • There was a study done in prison, where in a controlled environment, where everyone eats and sleeps the same.

They tried building muscle with different rep ranges to see what works best.

prison workout

The study showed, that 12-15 reps works the best for muscle growth, biceps included.

That is why I mentioned that rep range above, and also because of countless other studies.

Jay Cutler Bicep Training

I am sure you know that they guy below (Jay Cutler) is on steroids, but I also bet you, you will get bigger biceps doing your curls like that and not like the guy above. 

  • When you put a little swing into it, you get some explosion.

You have to get some explosion going if you want to target your FAST TWITCH muscle fibers.

  • They are responsible for a good amount of your muscle size. You always ask your self why sprinters are more built than marathon runners? FAST TWITCH MUSCLE training on a daily basis. Explosion!

bicep workout

Your slow twitch muscle fibers get worked as well during that movement, don’t worry!

“If Jay (in the pic above) was jerking the dumbbell a lot faster, then that is a different story. Medium speed and using a little momentum for bigger biceps, just WORKS!”

This is because this muscle just responds better that way!

Why, I don’t know, nor do I care, it just is what it is.

  • You won’t get any crazy research studies on some loser scientist that tested biceps in Okanawa Japan, nobody has time for that.


I would not tell you the same thing for chest, but it works for biceps.

Using momentum for bigger biceps is totally ok.

  • Just don’t swing back and forth like an idiot to the point you don’t even feel like you are working the muscle.

Bicep workout – MYTH #2 – “You don’t have to train biceps”

Many people have told you, and written articles that say, you don’t have to train arms at all to get bigger biceps.

  • Also train arms in general. Well that is an absolute lie.

The advice you hear is, “JUST DO COMPOUND MOVEMENTS”.

Doing back, benching, dips, pushups, and whatever else, are compound movements that will hit your biceps, and others will hit triceps.

  • This is true, congratulations! Doing pull-ups will get you bigger biceps, problem solved! Unfortunately, this is a damn lie as well.

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Do You Need To Train Biceps?

Your biceps will grow, don’t get me wrong, but they won’t grow anywhere NEAR, how much they would grow if you train them directly.

  • What you will become, is a guy or a girl, with a wide ass back and skinny arms.

The only way you can truly build bigger biceps by doing pull-ups is to learn how do train them with pull-ups.

This is something that takes a lot of time, concentration and experience.

  • So when someone tells you that you you can just do compound movements for bigger biceps, just know that it’s going to be a pipe dream.

“Just ask someone at the gym that is not a genetic mutant, if they work their biceps out, and I bet you they will say YES (and a lot!). Below is a picture of a pinky pull up world record holder. Look at those HUGE BICEPS!”

bicep workout

Who cares where this study is from, but here are the results of what works the bicep muscle the best!

  • Many things work, but as you see, the concentration curl gets the best results for bigger biceps!


bicep workout

So to put this myth aside, the second you start doing your bicep workout ALMOST ON A DAILY BASIS, is when you will see your puny little biceps grow!

  • Probably for the first time in a long time, you will see a change in your teeny weeny little biceps.

Good Bicep Training Quick Tip

You start training them with curls at the end of each workout, about 5 days a week, you will see your self get some BIGGER BICEPS!

bicep workout

Bicep workout – MYTH #3 – “You can’t train biceps every day”

There is another stupid myth that everyone believes. You can’t train the same muscle every day!

You want to bet? It’s all about how much you train it. You can’t do 20 sets of curls every day and expect bigger biceps, but you can definitely do 5-6 sets per day of good quality reps, and just watch your biceps grow!

“Workout frequency is something we touched on in a previous post you can check out here. Basically, woking a muscle more frequently, but with lover volume gets over 35% BETTER RESULTS than training one muscle once a week.”

This is a FACT if you are not on the juice, and I ain’t talking about that OJ.

bicep workout

What Will Actually Get You Bigger Biceps?

Now that we got that stuff out of the way, we can finally talk about what will actually get you BIGGER BICEPS!

  • Are you excited, you should be! Time to get to the truth, and the best advice you can freaking get online!

Let’s make sure you understand a couple things about bigger biceps that will make or brake your journey to growing your puny arms!

Bicep workout #1 – You have to eat! And I know, you know!

YOUR BICEPS WILL NOT GROW IF YOU DON’T EAT. They are just like every other muscle, unfortunately I have to tell you again, even though you know this!

  • You will never get bigger biceps if you do not get enough CLEAN FOOD! You know what clean food is, so eat it, and get your protein pretty frequently through out the day.

Have you ever tried to get about 20-30 grams of protein every 2-3 hours?

If you have not, try it! You will be amazed of how quickly you will see a difference in your muscle shape and size! You will like it!

  • The crappy part is, it’s hard to maintain the eating long term, but if you do your best and work the muscle like you are supposed to, you will be golden!

Eating frequently definitely speeds up the process!

Bigger biceps
bicep workout

Bicep workout #2 – You have to train biceps frequently!

As previously mentioned, studies show that increasing frequency, and lowering the volume gets much better results!

  • If you train biceps 5 days a week, 5-6 per day, you will get MUCH BETTER results than you would doing 15 sets once per week.

Do you want to know how this is true? Do you ask yourself “what about overtraining?” Well this is NOT OVERTRAINING!

What Is Actual Overtraining?

Overtraining would be if you did 15 sets for your bicep workout every single day, or any muscle at that volume each day.

  • The thing you have to understand, is that protein synthesis doesn’t last for more than 4-12 hours after you train the muscle. That means, your muscle stops growing after that window.

The older you get, the shorter protein synthesis lasts! If you are 18 years old, you can train biceps every 3 days, since your window is about 72 hours.

bicep workout

  • When you read that you need a whole week to recover from your bicep workout, that is considering you did about 20 sets one day.

So how do you explain people with bigger biceps that train them only once a week? Here are some options…

  • Genetics
  • Steroids
  • They train them once a week directly, and indirectly several times a week (such as woking back)
  • And they stick to a great diet

You can build great biceps in many different ways, I am just telling you the fastest and best way to get bigger biceps and what works.

Train them at the end of each workout out for about 5 sets, unless it’s back day, and then you should do about 4 sets of concentrated curls, to get some good contractions, and thats it!

They just need to be stimulated, and then allowed to grow during the protein synthesis and hypotrophy window. This WORKS!

Bicep workout #3 – You have to train your brachialis!

  • It’s a fancy term, and don’t want to confuse you, but in order to get bigger biceps, you have to train the bicep under the “bicep.”

It is the head that is between your tricep and bicep, if that is the simplest way to describe it.

bicep workout

This head (#1 in the picture) of the biceps is what will push the peak of the bicep out, and make it look bigger. It will increase the mass of your arm.

  • How do you train this muscle? My personal favorite bicep workout for this are the close grip pull-ups!

The other exercises that work that part of the bicep, are reverse grip curls, and hammer curls. You can look up those exercises if you don’t know what they are, but you will get the best bang for your buck by doing the close grip pull-ups!

  • You don’t have to do them like the girl below with 2 fingers of course, but that is the idea.

So at the end of your workouts, when you go to do your 5 sets of curls, you can do 2 really good and concentrated sets of these pull-ups and then do 3 sets of curls.

Don’t do 5 sets for each, that is too much. If they are too easy, and you are advanced, add weight.

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Bicep workout myth #4 – Your rep range has to be right!

You want to lift heavy, go ahead! Do you even know what lifting heavy means? Or do you just read garbage bicep workout advice that says that you have to lift heavy to get bigger biceps?

Well here are some news for you, DOING 10-15 REPS IS LIFTING HEAVY!

  • Lifting heavy does not mean that you should be be doing 4-6 reps!

“If you try to lift that heavy, you are going to feel pain in your forearms and joints every time you try to do curls, after the first couple of days.”

  • Muscle grows when it’s under tension. TIME UNDER TENSION is key.

If you do a bunch of heavy sets all the time, you will gain nothing other than strength. Powerlifters that can curl a million pounds, do not have the best biceps right?

  • This is because they train to lift heavy weight, and nothing more.

So when you lift like a power lifter, you will get the same results.

You will become strong, and who knows what your muscle will look like based on your genetics. The choice is yours!

Try doing 5 sets of curls at the end of each workout for 10-15 reps, or 2 sets of close grip pull-ups to failure, and 3 sets of curls and watch the magic happen!

You will see a difference in 1.5 -2 weeks!

bigger biceps fast

Bicep workout tip #5 – If you feel pain, STOP!

PAIN and bing SORE are two different things! If you are sore, you can still do the bicep training at the end of your workouts.

But only with the goal of getting some good contractions, and pumping blood into the muscle. Going full blast every day is not good. You have to listen to your body, and in this case, your biceps.

  • When you are sore, getting blood into that area by working it out lightly, will actually help it recover faster! If you do full blast 100% intensity each day, you will eventually overtrain.

The gaol here is not to go nuts on your biceps each day, the goal is to STIMULATE THEM FOR GROWTH!


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