Biceps Are Not Getting Bigger? Here Is The Real Reason Why!

Today we are giving you 3 reasons why your biceps are not getting bigger!

Everybody wants to know how to get big biceps, because they THINK, they have non responsive biceps!

  • And of course, you want to show off your big biceps at the gym, especially to the chicks!

bicep curls

If you are looking for the magic pill, the secret, the magic tip, we have it for you!

Take a needle full of testosterone and stick it in your bicep.

That’s the answer to how to grow biceps in a week! I never said it’s not possible, especially if you have weak biceps!

  • Now if I think that is healthy, that is a different story.

That Is How You Get Big Biceps!

That will get the muscle a lot bigger, I guarantee you that! If you are not interested in that, you should consider a couple things.

  • Of course before you go running to your mommy about why your bicep looks like an 8th graders.

small biceps

Some people just have different genetics. You have heard it a thousand times, genetics are key!

They do play a huge role, but in no way does it mean that you can’t get good looking arms no matter your genetics.

Wanting To Get Bigger Biceps In A Week, Is Tough!

“Unfortunately, it will take some time (years probably), before you see a major difference. That’s just being honest. If you don’t like working out, you will probably fail at getting your biceps jacked.”

It’s kind of like saying, I want to be the fastest man in the world, but I hate running.

  • It just won’t happen. You have to love lifting things up and putting them down!

Biceps not getting bigger

So what are the real reasons your biceps are not getting bigger?

I will give you the 3 main ones, that should really make a difference.

Keep in mind, there are a bunch of fancy ass workout’s there, that will do nothing for you, and trust me, you need to do 2 basic exercises for biceps and that is it.

  • All this fancy crap from trainers, online articles and youtube videos is just crap.
  • A trainer that is charging you $90 per hour, feels like he/she needs to teach you something other than straight bar curls for you biceps.


We should add “trainers” as the fourth reason your biceps are not growing.  

#1 You are not working them out!

Many people will tell you, doing any pull movements, will activate your biceps.

  • Doing pull ups, barbell lat pulls, lat pull downs, hammer strength lat pulls, will engage the biceps, that is true! That said, go to the gym and find one guy that has a proportional back to their biceps and ask them if they ever do arms!

I bet you they work their biceps pretty often!

big biceps

This is why your biceps are not getting bigger, trust that!

  • You have to work the dam muscle, there is no questions about it.

The more frequent the better, see article on frequency we posted earlier. Woking out your back is simply not enough. In some cases, with good genetics, you can get away with it.

“So here is a simple test to see if that is you. Ready? Go to a mirror and look at your arms, if you never work them out, and they look like this…”

biceps not getting bigger

You are in business!

NO need to keep reading. If they don’t look like that, please take the advice and start working them out.

  • You should be working them out at least 3 times per week.

Not more than 5-6 sets per workout. Please note, these sets have to be really intense so you feel like you did 10 sets.

A set means nothing if its not done correctly!

bicep curls

Do not go in there and count reps and think you did the job!

You need to have a muscle mind connection with each rep, and the appropriate weight to max out at about 10-12 reps.

  • More on less won’t kill you, not a big deal.

#2 You Are not doing the proper exercises!

I have no clue what you are doing, I have no idea what your trainer is telling you to do.

  • All I know is that you need to work the muscle frequently, intensely, with moderate volume. In which fashion you decide to tear up your bicep is your choice.

Your biceps are not getting bigger, because you think there is some secret to working them out!

There is! Do it frequently and pick a freaking exercise.

As you see below, almost all exercises are giving you the same muscle fiber activation.

bicep exercises

You should be doing any kind of curls that you want, straight bar curls are preferred.

That really hits the spot in my opinion, but other exercises are not bad as well.

  • Now you need to work the internal head of your bicep, the muscle under your bicep peak.

This is the one you could attack with hammer curls, but I would recommend close grip pull ups for that, with keeping your body away from the bar.

Something like the below.

biceps not getting bigger

If you just do this exercise, to failure, 3-4 times a week, you will 100% get bigger arms.

  • Take a look at gymnastics, men for the most part. They are jacked!

Bodyweight exercises non stop, all day every day.

  • Say what you what, but they do it all day every day!

So the reason you biceps are not getting bigger, is because you don’t work out like them. Period. 

  • Those people pretty much have all the same workouts, they fly around on rings and high bars all day long. The difference in appearance between them, is the genetics.

muscle genetics

Gymnast All Have Good Biceps

If you think you can do 10 set’s a day or 20 sets a day for biceps, you are dreaming.

You will get weaker and smaller.d

  • You have to do the right amount, very frequently. And the right amount, would be the 5-6 sets per day.

Another thing to remember is, that one man’s workout is another man’s warm up.

  • So doing 5 sets to one person can be over training to another.

Depending if you are on the juice or not plays a role of course.

  • So if you are someone who frequently trains, and is pretty strong, you should find a way to destroy your arms with those 5 sets. It should be right amount.

bicep pump

#3 You are not eating!

Yes, this is the paragraph where you fall asleep. You have heard it a million times. You have to eat! But has it really registered?

You can work out for 10 years and have crappy biceps. If you do not give your biceps some protein, a few times a day, you can just forget about it.

  • You can call your gym right now and cancel the membership.

protein shake

You can get some strength of course, but you can forget about size, it will not come without protein.

  • You don’t have to go crazy, eat like a mad man, walk around with shakes in your bag, car and powder in your pockets.

“You just get in around 4 solid medium sized meals per day with good protein you will be fine. We all have lives and jobs, so lets look at this long term.”

You will be amazed at how much you can fit into your workout if you take short rest periods.

  • There is time to do everything very frequently, if you do things right.

It also gets the best results, there is no question about that.

How Can I Grow My Biceps?

Growing muscle does not happen overnight. It is a long process and it requires a lot of patience and consistency.

But there are ways to maximize your results.

  • Growing biceps is one of the things that is mainly genetic.
  • If you have great arm genetics you will grow big biceps really fast.

People with great bicep genetics can literally work only their back, and with those pulling movements grow the biceps, without ever training them directly.

“Perfect example of this is Phil Heath. The 7 time Mr. Olympia champion, who almost never trains his arms directly.”

The only time he trains his arms is when he is filming a video for his fans or having a photo shoot.

  • Not during his regular training routines.

The thing is, his arms are very dominant and they respond very quickly to any kind of stimulus.

As the matter of fact, only by eating large quantities of food and by taking anabolic steroids, he grows big arms.

  • Phil’s biceps, most likely don’t require any kind of training stimulus to grow.

How To Have Biceps Like Phil Heath?

Go back in time and introduce your mother to his father, because if you don’t have those genetics your arms will never be that big!

However, don’t give up just yet, because there are some tactics that will make this process successful and faster.

  • There are many bodybuilders out there that had very weak bicep genetics, and still managed to pack on some muscle.

They are the ones that you should go to for advice, not Phil Heaths or Ronnie Coleman.

These guys are so genetically blessed that they would grow no matter what they did.

How To Get Biceps In A Short Period Of Time?

Skipping them is also not the best idea. You should implement the progressive overload principle in your big muscle group training sessions.

Imagine being able to bench press 400 lbs for 10 reps, and to barbell row 500 lbs.

Do you think your arms would still be small?

  • Maybe your chest and back would still be more dominant, but nobody would be able to say that your arms are small.

This is how the most growth will occur, but you shouldn’t dismiss isolation movements.

This is because they work!

  • You have already had progressive overload with your big muscle groups, so forget about it when you are training arms.

Instead of going balls to the wall heavy, try focusing on contraction and get a really good pump on arm day.

What is the best exercise to build up your biceps?

Most people will say that it’s the standing barbell curl, dumbbell curl, preacher curls, or similar.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger did these and got great results, but it doesn’t mean you can get the same results.

These free weight exercises are certainly very good, but they are not made everybody.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing them, stop doing them because you are risking injury.

If something doesn’t feel right, consider changing it because it’s probably something no suited for your structure.

  • It all depends on the length of your arms and on the insertions of your muscle bellies.

Some people may find regular barbell curls to be the best exercise for their biceps, and some will feel pain doing the same exercise.

“If you feel a great contraction, can get a good pump, and feel no discomfort, you are good to go!”

It is so hard to find workouts that actually help you grow, and if you are growing, don’t change a thing!

However, if you don’t see progress, you should probably try something new that gives you a better contraction.

  • Some people say that cables are only for women, and that you are not hardcore unless you only do free weight exercises.

That is simply not true.

Stop trying to prove yourself to your friends and to impress that hot girl next to you.

  • Leave your ego at the door and try new things.

Try doing uni-lateral (single hand) types of movements on the machines and with cables.

Really focus on the contraction, and squeeze the muscle as hard as you can.

  • Bring the volume up and try to do 12 reps to failure with whatever weight you can properly control.

There is no single best exercise for building biceps, but the one that you feel the most is the best one for you.

That is the only way to figure out which one works best for you. Try them all!

Can You Train Your Biceps Every Day?

In order to grow, you need to recover. Without recovery, the growth does not occur but.

I must put an emphasis on recovery, as the most important factor when it comes to building muscle.

Training, eating, and recovering are all equally important. Without all of them you will not progress at the optimal rate.

  • Training a muscle every single day is a bad idea because you will not have enough recovery time, right?

That’s true, but there is something else that you didn’t include in this equation, and that is the mind to muscle connection.

Without it, you will not grow!

There are a lot of powerlifters and all kinds of athletes that do get bigger and stronger, but their muscles do not get developed as much, and the proportions are almost always way off.

It’s all about proportions when it comes to creating the illusion of the superhero type of physique.

Training biceps every single day will significantly improve your mind to muscle connection.

  • You won’t grow a lot of muscle during that time, but in the long term, you will see better results.

When you achieve a better connection with your biceps, through repetition and consistency, you will be able to create good contraction.

If your diet and recovery are on point, your biceps will grow faster than before!

  • This especially works if you are a beginner.

What Are The Different Types Of Bicep Curls?

When it comes to bicep curls, there shouldn’t be too much thinking and analyzing.

Just curl some weight, and your biceps will grow!

If you want to put a bigger emphasis on a certain part of your biceps, I have some tips for you.

I am sure that you heard that old theory, that twisting your wrists inwards will target more of your bicep peak.

  • Also, twisting them outwards will target more of your inner part of the biceps.

This theory is not completely wrong, but it is not as exact as it seems.

Basically, if your biceps are genetically shaped in a way that your peaks are more prominent, you will always have bigger bicep peaks than the inner part of your bicep.

Yes, there are two heads in the biceps muscle, but it is one muscle and it has one purpose – elbow flection.

Twisting your wrist a little bit will not help you get Robby Robinson bicep peaks, but finding exercises that will cause the biggest bicep contraction will!

  • Stop spending energy on twisting your wrist and making a fool out of yourself, and lift some heavy weight with perfect form.

Conclusion On Biceps!

Just like any other muscle you have, it needs to be trained.

Realize that you have certain genetics, and because of that, no matter what exercise you do, you will look different than the next guy.

Staying consistent is the most important by far, and there is no reason you can’t get some nice guns if you put in the effort.


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