Muscle Roast

Big Brandon Carter reading problems!

Feather weight legs under those Bruce Lee discount store, wind breaker, polyester pants!

Big Brandon Carter reading problems!

Big Brandon Carter, the one and only! You have exposed yourself to get roasted by! You know, oh we know you know, that you didn’t read any one of those damn books that are behind you in your Youtube videos. We believe this because the last time you heard it was chilly outside, you went to get a bowl. Reportedly, you were also spotted screaming at a mailbox, trying to leave a voice mail. Then you bought a solar flash light and tried to sneak into the the library at night to find Facebook.

Big Brandon Carter

We have reason to believe that during one your training sessions, you told a client that gluteus maximus was a Roman Emperor, and to study hard before his blood test. Then you were asked if you are in the mood for chicken strips, and you got dressed to go to a strip club. We are not making any judgements, we just think there is a good chance, that you didn’t read any of those books behind you.

You have been roasted by


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