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Big Ramy Workout Program, STEROID DIET and FAMILY!

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Big Ramy’s Workout And Diet Is Mysterious!

Big Ramy (Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay) has some great tips for people who want to get a closer look into his workout program and diet. This has nothing to do with his trainers nasty addiction.

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  • He has a special recipes for hamburgers, that Big Ramy says are a staple In his diet! Look at this healthy burger below. This is his regular post workout meal during contest prep


big ramy eating


Diet And Supplements!

Following Big Ramy’s diet and supplements is easy.

All you have to do is make one of these burgers every day, and you will be as big as Big Ramy! A little bit of beef, a little cheese, and some bread is all it takes.

  • I’m not sure what those little bottles are in the burger, but I’m sure it’s nothing.

This burger was photographed at Ramy’s house while he was away, to show our readers that you can naturally get as big as him just by eating healthy and working out hard!

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Big Ramy Off Season Bulk Diet

If there is one thing Big Ramy knows how to do is bulk up fast.

Do you see something wrong with this guys shirt?

big ramy workout program diet

I know, it’s not tight enough. Regardless of that, lets talk about his off season bulking diet and what you can do to achieve the same.

  • Week 1 – McDonalds’ For breakfast lunch and dinner, followed by a bottle of patron at the club
  • Week 2 – Dunkin’ Donuts – only to eat 37 donuts in a row, rest of day is fasting and steroids only!
  • Week 3 – Pure master-bation to get heart rate up, and slowly start to cut down for contest

Big Ramy’s Wife


I’m not sure why, but many people ask about Big Ramy’s wife, and basically just want to see what his wife looks like. I think him being from the Middle East, and also a professional bodybuilder, people are curious to see who he wife is.

They want to see if she is hot! WE FOUND A RARE PICTURE OF HER!

big ramy wife

I know what you are thinking. It’s obious that Big Ramy’s wife is supper hot and you would want to hook up with her. That is easy to tell. I am not sure I would want to mess with the big guy.

He’s wife has recently almost won Miss Universe, and it’s easy to see why. The stunning beauty she has is truly captivating.

Big Ramy’s Family

People also ask us very frequently for pictures of his family. Unfortunately, were were only able to get a picture of his daughter and nothing more. Big Ramy is a very private person, and especially when it comes to his family.

Here is a quick picture of his daughter. 

big ramy family

Big Ramy’s Coaches

You have seen our previous article on Ramy’s current coach, but why did this happen? Well, after sweeping the competition at the New York Pro with majority first place votes, Big Ramy has not been able to bring that same level of conditioning to the stage again.

This fact has generated a lot of questions and speculation as to the reason why.

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Most likely, it might simply be a matter of “too many cooks in the kitchen.” In just three years, Big Ramy has switched from coaches Denis James to George Farah to Chris Aceto to Chris Cormier.


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