Big Ramy’s trainer Chris Cormier has a long time addiction that has finally been revealed to the public!

Not only is Chris Cormier happy to be Big Ramy’s trainer, he is also happy for one other reason. It has finally been discovered, that for years and years, Chris had his eye on being Big Ramy’s trainer because he wanted to sniff his ass.

Thats right folks, that boy is a booty sniffer! What smells better than a good old bodybuilder fart?

farting gif

That is right folks, Chris has had a long time addiction being a butt sniffer. He has sniffed most butts in the bodybuilding circuit, but he always had his eye on Big Ram’s ass.

  • Chris has been able to get away sniffing butts by spotting people. Also by training people, showing them proper form etc. In reality, those were all opportunities for him to sniff some good butt juice.

Big Ramy's Trainer

He says that being Big Ramy’s trainer is not only a great opportunity to sniff his ass, but an opportunity to sniff it every single day.

Chris knows that Big Ramy eats more food than most bodybuilders. That is exactly why the farts he blows will be more potent than anything he has ever sniffed before.

That is what keeps Chris motivated and going every day. He knows the day is coming, where Ramy will blow that “silent but deadly” fart in his face, and it will be pure euphoria.

big ramy's trainer

Now that Chris Cormier is Big Ramy’s trainer, he says he mostly looks forward to the following farts. Of course, while he is running around sniffing Big Ramy’s sweaty ass.

Smelly farts from Big Ramy

While 99 per cent of our farts are odorless, unfortunately, that last one per cent produced by the micro-biome munching away in our intestines can be decidedly smelly.

Hydrogen sulfide is normally formed when our bacteria is breaking down foods with sulfur in them (broccoli, red meat, beans and dairy), making your farts smell strangely like rotten eggs.

  • Big Ramy should have a lot of those farts and Chris can’t wait. Some will be coming on accident, and that will be fun too…just like the girl below.

big ramy's trainer

Silent but deadly farts from Big Ramy

These are the farts that hit you when you least expect it.

The ones that seep their way into crowded elevators and locked cars. And while we’ve all wished ill (at least once) for people with SBD farts, Chris Cormier plans on enjoying every last sniff!

big ramy's trainer

Super rancid farts from Big Ramy

  • Whether you’re the one passing the super smelly fart, or a person in the firing line, these are the types of farts that can lead to teary eyes, gag reflexes and possible even broken relationships.

Luckily, a vast majority of these farts can be attributed to a diet very high in fibre or sugar… and that is exactly what Chris is looking forward to the most from Big Ramy! Umm Yumm!

big ramy's trainer

Good luck to Chris Cormier and Big Ramy! No matter if you are sniffing butts or your butt is getting sniffed, one thing is a fact, you are both some nasty mofo’s.


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