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Blessing Awodibu Looking At Jail Time For Eating Cocaine, This Is Crazy!

Blessing Awodibu has been lying to all of his fans all this time…

Blessing Awodibu is known as the funniest bodybuilder on the internet. Why? Because he does stupid shit that people find funny, especially people who like bodybuilding. His signature prank, is throwing protein in his mouth, or pre-workout, whatever that powder is. Well it turns out that Blessing Awodibu hasy been lying to everyone, and the actual powder he has been throwing in his face, is 100% Grade A, pure Colombian cocaine.

Blessing Awodibu

Blessing Awodibu went too far last week in the gym, and got himself in some trouble…

During his normal workouts, the people around Blessing Awodibu always thought the powder in his jug was protein or pre-workout. Well looking at the video below, it seems to be a little more than that. Gym owner Paul Maretti says that he saw Blessing Awodibu spotting a guy right after throwing powder in his face, at which point he became very suspicious of that powder. “It wasn’t the fact it was white powder, it was the fact that Blessing Awodibu took the entire bench bar from the person he was spotting and started curling it. I have never seen anything like that.” He immediately called the police, since he does not want drugs in his gym.

Once the police shoed up to the scene…

Blessing Awodibu was quickly arrested after a cop did a fat line of the powder Blessing Awodibu had in his jug. The cop immediately got high as shit, and knew this was no protein powder. No court date has been set yet, but Blessing is facing several years in jail, that he is actually looking forward to, since he will be doing nothing other than working out. 



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