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This Bodybuilder Sees Himself On The Security Camera. What He Does Next Had Me Cracking Up!

blessing awodibu security camera

Blessing Awodibu Is Funny As Hell! You have to give it to this guy for creativity!

My man works hard and wants to show the goods! Awodibu, a resident of Castlebar, Ireland, is seen hilariously rubbing his abs and posing until another shopper passes by. One can’t blame Awodibu for being impressed with himself!

How Did Your Bodybuilding Journey Begin?

I was extremely thin as a young guy and refused to take my top off at the beach. I was self-conscious of my skinny body. This led to me the gym— a makeshift one in the garden shed—at an early age. I had plans to attend college and worked really hard at school. The gym was my only hobby until, unfortunately, things didn’t work out and my dreams of college were dashed. I couldn’t get a job. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

blessing awodibu security camera

In need of something to do with my energy, I found a lifeline in bodybuilding. At age 18, I hit it hard and started training seriously. I decided to compete in the RIBBF’s first timer’s category in October 2011. I came in fourth and later discovered I should’ve been in the junior category. I received positive feedback from the judges and talked to Tony Freeman about improvements.

I was over the moon and knew I’d be back with a bang. In April, I entered the junior category in another RIBBF competition and won. I was thrilled.

What Workout Regimen Delivered The Best Results?

My training regimen is a two-a-day approach where I train twice a day and focus on one muscle group during each session at high intensity. I start each session with a warm-up set of pull-ups and 15 minutes of intense abdominal work. I train once on Saturday and take Sunday off. Cardio isn’t part of my regimen because I have an active lifestyle. Sleep is very important, but I don’t get much because of my work schedule.

He’s just a beast.