Blessing Awodibu Workout Program

If you are here to find out the Blessing Awodibu workout secret formula, I can tell you that right of way. It is not in his training!

blessing awodibu workout

What do I mean?

He doesn’t have a specially designed workout program that made him grow as much as he did. It is not how he did it.

Blessing’s workout program consists of basic and heavy compound movements. He is an absolute believer in growing through getting stronger.

  • Which is the only way, for most people.

When have you ever seen a 300 pound bodybuilder struggling on the bench press with 225 pounds? I am sure you never have.

In order to get big you need to get strong. 

blessing awodibu protein

You need to become strong at perming exercises that specifically target the muscle!

that you are trying to contract.

  • For example, when doing legs, Blessing would actually start his workout with squats.

He simply enjoys doing squats, since they feel good on his knees and back, and all of the other joints.

  • Just like working any other body party, the leg workout starts with a few sets just to warm up the muscles.

This stimulates his mind to muscle connection, and also the muscle fibers.

The warm up starts with just the bar, then he adds weight until he can only do 10 reps with a certain weight.

  • Every workout must be a challenge for him since his body doesn’t want to hold on to much muscle.

blessing awodibu diet

Blessing Awodibu Workout Tips

  • Every workout includes 2 to 3 compound movements, depending on the size of the targeted muscle.
  • As the workouts come to and, the complexity of the exercises decreases.

For example, if he started with the bench press, he would finish with cable fly’s.

“For the second exercise, there would be a dumbbell press, followed by kind of machine press.”

Blessing takes this approach when attacking the bigger muscle groups, and has a different approach when attacking smaller muscle groups.

This is because, during compound movements, the smaller muscle groups are stimulated indirectly as well.

blessing awodibu workout

That different approach is basically more volume with less weigh, and a lot of focus on the contraction.

Blessing Awodibu Diet

If you have internet and use social media, you must have seen Blessing literally bathing in pizza and protein powder!

That is obviously because he is trying to be funny, and doesn’t really eat pizza every day.

Blessing’s metabolism is most certainly very fast.

  • He was very skinny and insecure as a kid, but as he got older, his body started to show the potential for the sport of bodybuilding.

blessing awodibu

As a skinny kid, he always tried to put on weight, but it wasn’t easy and he was not successful.

His metabolism was so fast that his body would burn everything that he ate.

When he got older, this didn’t change too much, but when it came to a competition, the size wasn’t a problem for Blessing.

His main problem was getting dry enough and lean enough.

In order to get lean and dry, Blessing usually sticks to the diet below:

  • Grilled or boiled chicken
  • Fish, such as tuna
  • Egg whites as well as whole eggs
  • Occasionally some ground beef with as little fat as possible
  • Protein powders with very low fat and sugar
  • Whole foods are always preferred over supplements

blessing awodibu protein

As far carb choices,  Blessing would go with the following foods:

  • Oatmeal
  • Brown Rice
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Pasta
  • White Rice
  • White Potatoes
  • Vegetables

Blessing never over eats like most bodybuilders do to get size. This is because he has a thick skin problem as mentioned above.

It is not easy to get lean you are on a high carb diet.

When it comes to fats, he would rely simply on what he gets from whole eggs, meats, nuts and olive oil.

blessing awodibu biceps

Blessing Awodibu Height And Weight

Depending on the time of the year, Blessing weight obviously alters because of nature of the seasonal sport of bodybuilding.

He usually walks around somewhere in range of 235 pounds and 245 pounds.

This is pretty impressive if you take his height into consideration, which is only 5 foot 10 inches.

Packing this kind of muscle mass on his relatively small frame, it definitely stands out from the crowd to say the least.

Blessing Awodibu Bio and Nationality

Blessing Awodibu was born September 20th, 1991. Which makes him 28 years old today.

blessing awodibu horse

Most people have not heard of Blessing, and let’s face it, he is not that famous. He is an amateur bodybuilder that comes from Ireland. Yes I know, super massive place for bodybuilding!

  • He has not managed to be the top guy yet, but that only might be because he has not managed to get to his full potential.

He became a pro in 2017 by winning the overall of IFBB Diamond Cup Czech Republic.

blessing awodibu competing

Before this amazing victory, he won 2 Arnold Classic competitions as an amateur.

  • His goal was not to become a professional bodybuilder, but after falling in love with the gym and his body starting to change, he was hooked.

Firstly he wanted to get into college.

Blessing Awodibu Instagram, Why Is He So Popular?

He is a funny guy that is for sure, but he’s jokes are becoming less and less funny.

  • Blessing has become very popular on Instagram because of his funny videos. He typically snorts protein powder, and wears a horse mask to the gym!

He also rips small suits, and does a bunch of other random stuff to get attention. As you see in the picture below.

Is Blessing Awodibu Funny Or Corny?

blessing awodibu instagram

I would really love to take a large survey and ask a large group of people if they think he is funny.

  • I am certain that a lot of people think he is super funny and great.

I just wonder if they are getting tired of him sniffing protein, since he has done it so many times!

Looking at his physique today, he is definitely a massive young kid (and we know why), who has a lot of potential in the bodybuilding world.

Here are some current accomplishments!

  • 2x Arnold Champion
    4x IFBB Overall Champion
    IFBB Pro Card – IFBB Diamond Cup Czech Republic overall winner (2017)

How Did Blessing Get Into Bodybuilding?

“As usual, he was a really skinny kid growing up and did not want to take his shirt off much! Because of this, he started working out slowly but surely.”

Somewhere along the line, he discovered how his body responds, but that is a different article!

  • Working out was only a hobby for Blessing, until college didn’t work out and was left without any direction in life.

He mentions that he had a lot of energy and bodybuilding brought him back to life at the age of 18.

  • Blessing decided to start hitting the weights and actually give professional bodybuilding a try. He wanted to make a big splash in his first competition, and he did.

He competed in the RIBBF’s first timer category and came in 4th place. It was a good success, but that category might have been a little bit too much for him to handle. 

More On Blessing’s  Workout Program

On top of being on a massive, Blessing likes to work out twice a day.

Each workout will consist of one body part with high intensity. 

  • Each one of his workouts start with abs, and also pull ups. That is what he does to get the blood flowing and to warm up.
  • Up to this point, he is working out 6 days a week, twice a day, and takes Sundays off.

It’s not surprise that he does not do cardio, because he has crazy metabolism.

“My first international show, and PRO Qualifier was IFBB Diamond Cup in the Czech Republic in May 2017. Here I won the super heavy weight class and the Overall title, winning me the Pro card – I can’t describe that feeling of happiness but I did not stop there!

A week later I flew to Portugal where I competed at the IFBB Diamond Cup, Espinho. I also won the super heavy weight class and the Overall title, winning my second Pro Card – 3 Overall’s in 2 months – not too bad some might say!”


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