Muscle Roast

Shocking strategy to transform your body in 5 hours, to look better in pictures! Look at what this guy did!

Take a look at how your favorite fitness stars really get those bodies!

Mix in a little steroids, and you are good to go! You should have some followers in no time with those fake ass pictures. That said, this is very interesting as well. People are always amazed at the pictures they see on social media and in the magazines, and struggle everyday to achieve bodies, that are simply unattainable. They are attainable if you are willing to use steroids, and they are unattainable because they also don’t exist. The people that take these pictures, as you see in the video, do not look like that themselves. They only look like that the day of the picture, or even the “hour” of the picture.

If you look like shit, and this makes you feel better and boosts your ego, thats good for you! There are a ton of people who look great, are not lazy, and do have amazing bodies that they work hard for. These people also look WAY BETTER in pictures. The point is, pictures can be deceiving, but it’s not a reason for you to continue looking like shit.



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