Body Weight Simulators Seem Very Attractive To Some!

What is a body weight simulator? A body weight simulator is a method that discusses weight loss in a calculated way.

Let’s say you are eating the same amount of calories each day, with the goal of losing weight. You would need to eat less calories than you consume right? Yes, everyone knows that. But something happens over time when you do this!

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  • Your body starts to narrow down the gap between the calories you take in and the calories you put out.

Body Weight Simulation – Research Study

  • US National Institute of Diabetes Scientific Research performed a study. The institute, also known as NIDDK, found that if a person has a certain weight loss goal, it might take longer than expected to achieve it.

In over 80% of subjects, the first half of the weight loss goal happened in year 1, and the second half of the weight loss goal happened in year 2 and 3! This means that it took twice as long to lose the same amount of weight after year 1!

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When you start to lose weight, your body slows down your metabolism. 

In other words, you use less energy for the same activities. Accurate predicting of weight loss over time, has to take a couple things into consideration.

  • How much will your metabolism slow down, and how much energy adaptation will your body experience.

Body Weight Simulator That You Can Use Yourself!

Click on the image below, or simply this Body Weight Simulator Link, to calculate how much time it would take you to lose some pounds.

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So Why Is The Body Weight Simulator Study Shocking?

  • It’s shocking because people have no idea about how to lose weight. Many body mass index’s will tell you to eat a certain amount of calories and expect weight loss.

For example:

You know that 1 lb is 3,500 calories. 

If you burn 2,000 calories per day, and you eat 1,500 calories a day, that is a deficit of 500 calories per day right? According to that theory, you should be losing 1 lb a week for the rest of your life if you continue eating 1,500 calories per day. That is simply not true!

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The more weight you lose, the harder it becomes to lose more weight. People do not understand that concept, and that is exactly why carb cycling exist

Once you read that article you will have a good understanding of why we need to shock our body’s with carbohydrates, or anything that we are depriving our body of for that matter.

  • If you are a little over weight and happy with how you look, there is nothing wrong with that! Many people that want to lose weight do it because they think other people don’t think they look good. That is a very stupid reason. Many people that are a little over weight are perfectly healthy!

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If your goal is to know what to expect when it comes to weight loss, you should definitely take the body weight simulator into consideration.

It will let you know how long it will take you to lose a certain amount of weight, and that is your goal.



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