Bodybuilders Can Be Pregnant Too! It’s Called Palumboism!

Bodybuilders have big stomachs for a couple of reasons. The first one would be, they are on steroids!

  • And what happens when someone is on steroids?

Bodybuilder stomach

Their muscles grow, and it just so happens that every other body part grows as well (except your penis).

It also includes your abs, and your intestines. So when you have some big ass intestines, they are going to stick out.

So why else do bodybuilders have big stomachs?

Well before we get into details on the other causes, you should read this article we previously wrote on steroids, and do you really need them to get big!

The second cause could be a disease called Palumboism. Here are some more details.


Palumboism is a funny disease, since no one knows what really causes it! BUT, we do know where it came from!

  • It came from Dave Palumbo! It was named after his big ass stomach!

Dave Palumbo

Some people think and guess that the reason the bodybuilders in the last twenty years got these big ass stomachs, was because of the high does HGH and insulin.

  • I believe that these are definitely some of the reasons for this disease.

If you notice the bodybuilders from the beginning of competitive bodybuilding all the way to the early 1990’s, you’ll notice not a single person with the disease or its symptoms.

arnold schwarzenegger

Why is this the case?

Well to simply put it, bodybuilders back than were not trying to be the insane mass monsters that they are trying to become today. 

“Trying to be a mass monster in bodybuilding, is going to involve a “mass” amount of steroids.”

The guys in the sport today are taking INSANE amounts of steroids and it all started in the 90’s. 

bodybuilding chest

  • That is exactly why these bodybuilding freaks started having big ass stomachs!

However, I believe the main culprit of Palumboism is stress and adrenal fatigue.

Bodybuilders put vast amounts of stress on their bodies.

“From various things, such as forced eating, steroid and performance enhancer use and weight training, which in itself is very stressful to the central nervous system.”

Over time, it’s no wonder these people’s bodies begin to breakdown.

bodybuilding steroids

  • Stress can do that to a person and high stress levels is one of the indications of adrenal fatigue.

Therefore the main causes of Palumboism can be broken down into these four areas

1. High steroid usage

2. High HGH/insulin usage

3. Stress

4. Adrenal fatigue


There are currently no known cures for Palumbosim.

That said, I strongly recommend you lay of the steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

bodybuilder on steroids

The only solution to the disease is if the person gives their bodies a rest, meaning no more usage of steroids and other various performance enhancers.

Simple rest and recovery will soothe the disease and halt it right into it’s tracks.

  • Keep in mind that this all goes back to your own insecurities as a meathead. You are using the juice in order to get bigger muscles, which will eventually increase your self confidence?

Well that has a price my friend. You seriously do risk of having a big ass stomach, and that very well might not be reversible. 

So ask yourself, if looking like a pregnant bodybuilder is really worth the temporary fake muscles you will have?


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