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INTERESTING Bodybuilding Diet Tips! NEW!

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Bodybuilding Diet Tips, 9 OF THEM!

Bodybuilding diet tips are common, but not like this! Brace yourselves, summer is coming!

  • Did the spring come 10 pounds too soon?

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Well, you can easily trim those 10 pounds, or even 20 to 30 pounds of fat in less than 16 weeks, if you truly dedicate your self!

Yes you also have to follow these basic bodybuilding diet tips that I am going to give you for free!

  • You will look like a Greek god in a matter of months!

Everybody will stare at your ripped abs while you walk on the beach radiating confidence!

Bodybuilding Diet Tips For Cutting! Have a plan!

If you don’t have a specific plan and a goal in your mind, you have to get one right of way!

  • Before you even start executing, write down everything you plan on doing. How many pounds of fat do you want to lose?

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How long are you going to be on a diet? How you are going to do this?

Write down everything that you are going to learn today as well.  

If you follow all of these tips, you are definitely going to lose fat, there is no question about that.

“It doesn’t matter if you have the slowest metabolism in the world.”

If you are a woman, a man, a kid or a granny, it always works the same, because we are all human! The bodybuilding diet tips will still work!

There are going to be slight differences, but you will figure them out by yourself along the way.

These basic guidelines will help you figure it all out.

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Lower Your Daily Calories Slowly!

First, you need to figure out how many calories you burn on a daily basis.

You can calculate that here!

This tells you how many calories you burn per day just by being alive.

  • It all depends on your metabolism and how active of a person you are.

For example, take two identical twins. One of them is lazy and does nothing all day. The other one is very active and works out.

Do you think these twins are going to burn the same amount of calories, not a chance.

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The amount of burned calories will be very different. This is because one persons metabolism will be higher because of activity.

  • The point of the calculator is to tell you how much you should eat in order to maintain your current weight.

Once you know that, you know exactly how many calories it will take you to be in a deficit or a surplus (which is weight gain).

Reduce Carbohydrate Intake!

Protein is what builds the muscle. Other nutrients play a role in different areas of course, but this is a very simple equation.

  • Why do you think bodybuilders just eat fish and broccoli when they are getting ready for a show and need to be extremely lean?

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This is because carbs make you fat. It’s very simple, don’t over complicate it, you are wasting time.

When trying to lose fat you do need to lower your calories, and ideally, it should be from your energy sources.

Remember, the fat that your body is holding is only stored energy.

“If you restrict the energy source (carbohydrates), your body will have to look for an alternative source of energy, and that is your body fat.”

That is exactly what you want, so simply stop eating carbs! I have a feeling you know this already!

Fats can also be cut down, but not too much!

  • If you cut down fat a lot, your body will hit a wall, and simply shut down your metabolism. Try to keep the good fats high.

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Have Cheat Meals!

This may sound weird and contradicting to what most people preach.

  • It takes your body about 3-4 days to figure out what is going on. And that means, to realize that you are on a really low calorie diet.

When that happens, your body goes into self preservation mode, and slows down your metabolism. Why?

Because it does not want to die! It has no idea you are dieting, it just knows it’s not getting the regular calories.

“The psychological aspect of a diet is something that needs to be taken care of as well.”

If you feel like you are dying all the time, your body will not respond positively and you will see some consequences because of this.

This would include water retention, high-stress levels resulting in cortisol secretion, which results in muscle flattening and looking softer and smaller.

Why Should I Have Cheat Meals?

If you have something to look forward to at the end of the week, you are more likely to accomplish your weekly goals.

cheat meals

  • There is another upside of having a cheat meal once a week and that is tricking your body.

Your body thinks that you are starving, since you are not giving at enough calories.

When your body gets into the starvation mode, it shuts itself down and slows down your metabolism.

It does this in order to save as much energy as possible, because it doesn’t have enough of it to function.

  • By having an abundance of calories once a week, you are showing your body that you are not really starving and that you actually have enough food.

Your body is old school, it doesn’t understand that you have a full refrigerator next to you, or McDonalds across the street!

It thinks that you are in a forest trying to find food to survive, and failing.

water retention

The cheat meal is going to be very helpful if done properly, which is once every 4-5 days.

Do Not Do Anything Extreme With Your Diet Or At The Gym

Extreme things will make your body respond extremely and that is not something you want.

You want your body not to even be aware of the diet and to lose fat slowly but constantly.

If you cut your calories in half as soon as you start the diet, your body will be shocked and it will think that you are dying because you don’t have anything to eat.

  • It will slow down your metabolism so much, that when you eventually mess up your diet, it will store more fat and calories than usual.

If you keep feeding your body regularly, and cut the calories down gradually, your body will barely notice a change and not react in a negative way.

weight gain

If you do the opposite, your metabolism will be so slow that whatever you put inside your body will be stored as fat!

Increase Your Cardio A LOT!

Is it possible to lose fat just by dieting?

It definitely is, but you might just get skinny fat. That is skinny body fat belly. 

You will never look as good as you can if you skip the cardio. Once again, why do fitness models do cardio if it’s not necessary?

  • If cardio is done on an empty stomach with low intensity, you will be in a fat burning stage.

When performing intense workouts, your body will use the glycogen from the muscles.

During the long and low intensity cardio sessions, your body will use your fat as energy!

cardio workout

Diet is essential but cardio will do wonders for your fat loss!

Start Drinking A Lot Of Water!

Many people think that not drinking water will make you lose fat, and this is one of the worst myths ever.

Water retention and fat gain are two completely different things.

If you eat carbs and take sodium, your body will hold on to some water, making you look fatter than you are.

  • On the other hand, the more water you drink, the less water you will retain!

Your body reacts exactly the same to water as it does to food.

When you deprive it or one or the other, it will simply store it once you give it some.

body transformation

If you drink a lot of water regularly, your body will have no need to retain any of it.

  • Not to mention that your body will function much better if you give it enough water! After all, our bodies are 70% water in case you didn’t know that.

Have Intense Training Sessions

Most people think that when dieting, you should train less intensely, and focus more on doing high volume and type of workouts.

If you do this, your energy requirements will go down and losing fat will become even harder.

  • Lifting weights are what burns the largest amount of calories, simply because muscle mass uses more calories.

If you don’t lift heavy and intensely while dieting, you will just end up losing more muscle than fat.

intense training session

Believe In What You Are Doing!

The last tip may seem cliche, but it must be taken seriously!

If you don’t believe you are going to get shredded, you will most likely fail.

Imagine your self with a six-pack, and no matter how crazy it may seem, believe that it is going to happen!

  • Your mind is a lot more powerful than most people believe.

Just by being stressed, or even sad, will slow down you metabolism. Just think about that.

Bodybuilding Workout That Will Help You!

This bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss is probably the best ever recorded.

diet plan

Many overweight people are looking for a bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss, in order to accomplish weight loss, and also build muscle.

  • It’s no secret that muscle mass plays a huge impact on burning fat, so people today are looking for more than just a cardio routine and basic diet tips.

First, let’s recognize that you want to look like a fitness model at your very best, and lose weight at the very least.

It is my assumption that you do not want to look like bodybuilder.

Let’s take a quick look in the difference of behavior between fitness models and bodybuilders and what the difference is.

bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss

Body Transformation Workout Bible!

I want to give you some bullet points that will give you a simple workout.

  • A workout that can be considered a “bodybuilding workout” that will help you lose weight and build muscle.

Here are a couple things to consider doing in the gym.

If you follow this workout advice, maybe just maybe, you will look like the lady below. If you’re lucky!

fit female

Never Skip Leg Day, Do Your SQUATS!

Why should you do squats?

You should do squats because they work the largest muscle group of your body, and also burn the most calories.

This is because squats are tough to do. Now I want you to understand the squat movement.

  • You are bringing your legs / thighs to a 90 degree angle to the floor.

You don’t actually have to do squats in order to get the same benefit and work the same muscle.

You can also do bodyweight lunges.

“Bodyweight lunges will work the same exact muscles, and starting off, no weight is needed, they are hard enough by them selves.”

bodyweight lunges

Another reasons you should do squats (even bodyweight squats with no weights) and lunges, is because they significantly increase your heart rate!

That is the KEY to losing weight during any bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss.

  • The more you increase your heart rate, the more calories you will be burning and the more fat you will be losing. That is a very simple equation.

Bodyweight Exercises Are Key

Any sort of bodyweight exercise will be great for fat loss.

Once again, the goal is to increase the heart rate, and bodyweight exercises should definitely be a part of your bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss.

Doing assisted pull ups in the gym, pushups on your knees, and dips on a chair or the dip machine if you could, are all great for getting your heart rate up.

different pullups

Never Skip Your Cardio

Unfortunately for you, there is really no way around cardio.

It truly does wonders for fat loss, and has you looking great much quicker than sitting around eating lettuce does.

Why, there are many reasons, but without getting into it, just know that including cardio in your workout plays a huge role.

  • It’s very important for shaving the pounds.

While cardio won’t permanently change your metabolism. It can significantly increase it for up to 24 hours after your workout, depending on how intensely you exercised.

This means that if you do cardio workouts consistently, you will always have a metabolism that’s running at an optimal speed.

funny cardio

However, remember not to gorge yourself just because you did a grueling workout.

The top reason why people don’t achieve their weight loss goals is because they’re overestimating how many calories they’re burning.


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