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Bodybuilding Documentaries That You Need To Watch Are Here!

Bodybuilding Documentaries Are A Great Source Of Inspiration For Many People Looking To Get Jacked!

Bodybuilding documentaries have been around for a long time, simply because people love to watch them to get motivated to get their fat ass to the gym! We are here to provide you with a list of bodybuilding documentaries that should be at the top of your list. Keep in mind, that some bodybuilding documentaries are just plain boring, and some are actually great. You might think that Pumping Iron was the first movie ever created on the sport, but you are wrong. That said, we are going to give you the most exciting and best documentaries to watch, and skip all the boring ones!

#1 GENERATION IRON (Full Cast Here)

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We are placing Generation Iron at #1 because it’s modern, and will probably appeal to the new generation more than Pumping Iron. I am not sure where you can find this full movie for free these days, but I think it’s great. It really goes deep into the lives that bodybuilders like Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Warren Branch, and others go through on the daily basis. The movie is my favorite because it really gives you a view of how bodybuilding has changed, and also includes Arnolds opinion on this. Take his opinion with a grain of salt, simply because everyone this their era is the best era, and still want to be considered the best. You should definitely find a way to watch this movie, and even pay a few dollars if you have to. Watching Kai Greene go up against Phil Heath at the Mr. Olympia is truly priceless, but most of all entertaining!

#2 PUMPING IRON! (Full Cast Here)

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If you are pissed that we listed Pumping Iron as the #2 bodybuilding documentary, we really don’t care! The movie is amazing, and could easily be considered the top choice, but because of it’s age, we bumped it to our second option. Think about the golden era of bodybuilding, where it all started, and how it all started. The one and only Arnold Shwarzenegger (read about his nasty addiction here) giving you a looking into his daily routine, while Lou Ferrigno is trying to take his crown. Simply put, there are just legendary characters in this movie. Everyone from Mike Katz, Franco Columbu, Ken Waller, Serge Nubret, Ed Corney and Robbie Robinson are all there! If you have never heard of these bodybuilders, this is a must watch. The best part about this movie, besides the movie itself, is the awesome behind the scenes footage that shows them 25 years later and what they are doing!

#3 GENERATION IRON 2 (Full Cast Here)

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Self explanatory, this is the sequel to Generation Iron Part 1. As bodybuilding changes over time, so does the entire business of actually making money in the sport. This movie focuses on bodybuilders like Calum Von Moger (read why he stalks Arnold here), and also Rich Piana (who is now dead). The movie focuses on how social media is really changing the sport, and how it has a major effect on the income of these bodybuilders. In todays world, your Instagram following is more important that the trophies you have won. Some of the top bodybuilders are making the least amount of money in the fitness industry. This is a great outlook on what is going on, and there is also plenty of muscle shown for all of the fans who came to see just that!


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Kai Greene is the fan favorite! An underdog bodybuilder who has not been born with much in general, and has struggled his whole life just to survive, is letting it all out. This might not be the first choice we are giving you, but depending on what you are trying to see, it very well might be. Kai Greene tells and shows the world that bodybuilding is not what most people think. They see him on stage, and say “I want to do that, I want to be that!” But they do not have a clue about what actually goes on behind the scenes during his regular day to day life.

#5 Bigger Stronger Faster (Full Cast)


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This is a great one! This movie tells all people that there is a magic pill to get an amazing body, and that pill is called steroids (read how it can kill you). The movie script takes the fitness industry back to the early days, all the way back to wrestling and their favorite bodybuilders, and explains in detail, that it’s simply impossible to have the body of your favorite wrestler or bodybuilder without taking steroids. It is really an awakening movie that opens your eyes into what really goes on, and what has been going on for a very long time in the fitness, bodybuilding, and just the competitive sports industry. One of the cast members “Mad Dog” actually passed away a few years after the movie was made, and steroids played a role in that as well. It’s a great movie to watch if you are interested in learning more about steroids, and also who in the fitness industry is on them!

There are many more bodybuilding documentaries available, but with lower quality productions and lower entertainment as well. One thing is for sure, if you are looking to get some extra motivation to hit the gym hard today, put on one of these movies, and you will be in the zone quick!





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