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What Is This Female Bodybuilding Competitor Going To Be For Halloween?

bodybuilding halloween costumes

I am sure you can already tell! Bodybuilding Halloween costumes are not hard to find when you are jacked!

Jana was born in Neustadt an der Orla, a little town in Thuringia, East Germany. She gained her interest in bodybuilding after she moved to West Germany. After just 16 months of training, Jana took part in the 1991 IFFB competition. Jana had breast surgery in December 2008.

Contest history

  • 2005 International Austria Cup – 1st
    Master’s World Championship (Budapest)
    Europa Pro Show 5th place (2007)
    Upper Bavarian/Swabian championship 1st place (2003)

Let’s face it, women have had the right idea this whole time. Dressing sexy on Halloween is a really good idea. Not only is it the last time between now and next summer that you can legitimately walk around shirtless, it’s also the one night out of the year when you’re encouraged to act and dress like someone else. On this night, don’t you want to be all you can be—literally? We thought so. But, there’s not a ton of time left. So, you’d better start now if you want to really make gains for Halloween. Trust us, all the best costumes look better with real muscles. To prove our point here is a list of totally amazing swole as f#%k costume ideas:

The Hulk
All the Strippers from Magic Mike XXL (you will need at least three swole bros)
Swole Drake
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Buzz Lightyear
The Rock
John Cena The Stay Puff Marshmellow Man
Chris Pratt Before and After (this requires that a dad-bod buddy stand to your left all night)
The Michelin Man
Henry Rollins
Carrot Top
Happy Halloween Everyone!

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