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This Comedian Explains What It’s Like To Go Tanning As A Black Bodybuilder!

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People rarely think of huge, muscular guys as being funny, but bodybuilder Charles Dorby is shredding this stereotype one joke at a time.  And he’s got plenty of bodybuilding jokes in his act too!

I love being a bodybuilder and, more importantly, I love having the big muscles that come along with being a bodybuilder as well.  And let’s just be honest; when you’re talking about pure looks, women will take a guy with big muscles over some scrawny, pencil-necked geek any day.  Plus having that huge, sculpted look gives bodybuilders so much more confidence in everything they do, and makes other guys think twice about ever messing with them.

Now you won’t see Charles Dorby storming up and down the stage cussing every other word, and talking about the last girl he banged. Dorby’s act is much more low key than that since he talks in a normal voice and doesn’t do any yelling either. Instead, Dorby relies on his original content to carry the act since not too many comedians out there have a bodybuilding background from which they can draw upon.


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