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10 crazy bodybuilding stories you have never heard! Are these people crazy?

If you look hard enough, you will eventually find an amazing story!

Passion conquers all, and I guess you can say, so does addiction! Are the people really passionate or just addicted and compensating for something? It’s always had to tell what is really going on with these amazing stories, but it’s safe to say that each one of them have a unique story!

Why Is Training So Addictive?

What makes physical exercise and strength training so addictive?

Have you ever felt that rush of energy mid-way through your workout, or that “runner’s high” you get after finishing a tough course? It’s an exhilarating feeling that will lift your spirits and make you feel so happy.

That is the result of the endorphins flooding your body. Endorphins are a sort of feel-good chemical that helps to dull pain, increases your tolerance for strain, block anxiety and stress, and can even give you a euphoric feeling — kind of like a mild high. That euphoric feeling is what has led so many people to alcohol, drugs, and other addictions.

But the truth is that most people only crave that endorphin rush when there is something else going on in their lives. Perhaps they are depressed, lonely or insecure, have mental or emotional difficulties or psychological trauma. Body image problems can lead people to spend too much time in the gym, training their body. It’s the same problem as anorexia and bulimia, only with a different way of trying to correct the body image issues.

This is just opinion, make your own conclusion!