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Bodybuilding Tips That Are MANDATORY! Must KNOW!

bodybuilding tips

Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners That Should Be BIBLE!

Here are some bodybuilding tips in case you decided to add some muscle, have hypertrophy and even lose some body fat.

bodybuilding tips

If you are also pondering a possible competition, these bodybuilding tips are great, because they are the basics that work!

I will give you some great tips that I wish somebody gave to me when I started my journey as a bodybuilder.

  • They will prevent you from making beginner mistakes that can be harmful in the long run. They will also help you achieve great results as quickly as possible.

If you stick to these bodybuilding tips for beginners, you won’t have to learn everything through trial and error like I did, and lose precious time.

So let’s begin!

Focus On Compound Movements

This is very logical if you really think about it. How much more muscular can you become if you are able to squat 400 pounds, deadlift 500 and bench 300?

bench press fail

How much can you gain through cable pec-deck flys?

Compound movements are always the best tool for gaining muscle, and bodybuilders know that.

There are only a couple reasons bodybuilders do isolation movements.

  1. To give the muscle a different stimulus and shape the muscle once the mass is already there.
  2. To have a lighter workout and get blood in the muscle.

Always Try To Increase Strength

This is very logical and I am sure you have seen the proof.

sore muscles

How many people in your gym are come regularly for years and train whatever is convenient with the same weight for years.

Do they progress? Of course, they don’t.

  • In order to make progress, you need to keep pushing yourself. Only a new stimulus on the muscle will make your body grow and get stronger.

That means increasing strength, and through that, you will grow muscle.

Warm Up Properly

Many people ignore warming up before their workouts, and get injured eventually.

In the beginning, you are going to feel like you can never get injured. With years of training, you are going to create a lot of mini tears in your muscles.


As time goes on, without warming up, those mini tears can become very large tears that lead to injury. This is because the muscle is not properly warmed up.

  • By taking your time to warm up, you will fill the blood into the targeted muscle, making it much less prone to injury.

Its cool being a badass who starts his workout with 3 plates on the bench press.

“You won’t be so cool after you hurt yourself and have to quit training for months.”

Have A Workout Plan And Goals You Want To Reach!

If you don’t have a plan and goal of where you want to be, you are likely not going to get anywhere.

You must have a specific plan and know exactly what your goal is for every workout each week, month year and life!

gym goals

If you know exactly what you are going to do before you actually get to the gym, you are much more likely to achieve that goal, and have a better workout.

  • If you tell to your self “Today I am benching 180 lbs for 6 reps,” and you envision this happening, the likelihood of you actually accomplishing it is much larger!

Premeditate all your workouts before you actually do them, this will help a lot!

Turn Off Your Phone While You Train

Your phone can be a huge distraction and make you lose focus on your workout.

You can look at the gym as a social event, sure. But don’t expect to make any progress.

Rest between sets is very important, and if you are on social media, texting or whatever else, that window is missed.


  • If you want to get better, look at training any sport. People playing basketball do not use their phones during practice.

What if a basketball player got in Instagram every few minutes? He would never get in shape!

Act like an athlete and focus on your training as it is the last thing you will ever do.

Checking your Instagram between sets will only hinder your progress.

Don’t Train More Than 5 Days A Week

Bodybuilding is not like other sports. You are not trying to become efficient at any exercise, you are simply trying to stimulate the muscle for growth.

The most important part of growing, is actually food, it’s not the training.

Training is maybe 15% of the equation, but a very important 15%!


  • Train very intensely for about 5 days a week. Just make sure it’s medium volume for each muscle group. You want to stimulate the muscle, but not overtrain it.

Frequency is very important. The less you work a certain muscle group per week, the more volume you should have.

The more you work a certain muscle group, the less volume you should do each day.

Be In A Caloric Surplus

No matter how hard you train, you will not grow an ounce of muscle if you are not feeding your body.

Your body will use a certain amount of calories to keep itself alive.

It will also do all necessary things needed to make you adapt to your daily activities and grow the muscle with proper food.

eating in gym

  • Being in a caloric surplus is an absolute necessity if you want to get bigger!

People that eat more calories than they burn every day are fat right? It’s very simple.

Eating a high amount of quality food will not get you fat if you train, and keep your diet clean. 

Eat Healthy Fats

The sugar industry convinced you that fats are your biggest enemy, but the truth is fats are actually an essential macronutrient.

Protein and fats are essential, carbs are not, they are only an energy source.

Fats are going to make your hormones operate properly, and this will result in better muscle growth.

fat belly meme

  • Make sure that you eat only healthy, unsaturated fats, and only a little bit of saturated fats.

Eat Your Vegetables

Vegetables are going to provide your body with a large amount of vitamins and fibers.

This is also essential for progress, since your body needs to function properly.

Without vitamins your body will not operate at its maximum capacity, and it will eventually crash.

  • Fibers are going to make your body efficient at getting rid of toxins, and it will slow down the absorption of macronutrients.

This results in giving a break to your pancreas, as it will not have to secrete too much insulin at once.

eating salad

Eat A Lot Of Protein

Carbs are energy, fats are energy and hormone production fuel, but protein is a building block.

  • Nothing can build muscle aside from protein.

Eating an abundance of protein will guarantee that you actually get bigger and stronger.

If you don’t do it, you will not see results.

Everybody knows that protein is muscle builder, but everyone also thinks that you need massive amounts of it in order to grow.

That is not true.

eating protein

  • New research shows that 20 -30 grams of protein is more than enough after your workout to give your body what it needs to recover.

Eating 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is something commonly written about, but it’s also not true.

If you are on massive amounts of steroids, and a pro bodybuilder, you will need more, but the chances are, that you are not.

Don’t Eat Too Many Carbs

Eating too many carbohydrates will put a huge strain on your pancreas, making it secrete a lot of insulin in order to process the nutrient.

Insulin is the most powerful and the most anabolic hormone in your body.

No carbs gif

Eating a lot of carbs will make it dull, and it will not work as good as it should.

  • Without proper insulin production, a lot of the nutrients that you intake will be stored as fat, instead of being used to repair and build muscle tissue.

People that are naturally muscular and lean, have genetically good insulin!

Don’t Waste Money On Supplements

Supplements are a great aid if you are not able to have all the meals because you are too busy but they are not steroids and they won’t do any magic for you.

  • They are a luxury item and whole food is much better than powders and tablets believe it or not.

pre workout side effects

Don’t Use Pre Workouts

Pre-workouts are awesome, they feel great, but not really the best thing for your health.

They are packed with a lot of caffeine, and caffeine yields the production of adrenaline.

Adrenaline takes a toll on your natural serotonin production, which can be an issue for your health.

  • Some pre-workouts are banned because they contained amphetamine, which caused a few deaths to say the least.

Even the pre-workouts without any illegal drugs in them, can hurt your heart.

What they certainly do, is stress your body out.

fat guy eating

Higher stress levels in your body will cause cortisol production, resulting in protein (muscle) break down, making you smaller and weaker in the long run.

Drink A Lot Of Water Between Meals

Note that I said between meals, and not during meals! 

Drinking a lot of fluid while eating, will water down the digestive enzymes in your stomach, giving your stomach trouble digesting the food.

“Drinking a lot of water while you are not eating, and keeping your body properly hydrated, will make it more anabolic increasing the recovery process quite a bit.”

Sleep And Rest More

Sleeping is the only time your natural growth hormone is produced, which is the second most anabolic hormone in your body, after insulin.


There is a very little amount of growth hormone secretion happening after your workout.

The biggest amount of it, by far, is produced during your deep stages of sleep.

  • Remember, you are not growing in the gym, you are growing at home when you are resting.

A great pump can make you feel like you are growing in the gym, but that is absolutely not true.

The gym is only the stimulus, eating and resting will make your body progress.

Training is only the stress to which your body needs to adapt, and the adaptation process happens only after you recover from your previous workout.



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