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Bodybuilding Tips From Scientific Research Are Finally Exposed! You Have To Read This!

Bodybuilding tips are usually given by steroid infested bodybuilders. Today, we let science tell you what works!

Bodybuilding tips are all over the internet. Bodybuilding tips are all over magazines, and bodybuilding tips are all over Youtube. More and more people are starting to work out, but they are simply mislead by bad information and simply bodybuilding tips are just wrong, and are just lies. Now scientific research brings you the most up to date, cutting edge information and bodybuilding tips, that are proven to work.

Bodybuilding tips…

  • It’s important to keep your lifting routine varied and constantly changing pretty frequently. If you’ve been saying “Ooooooof” every time you lift, try switching to “Ungggggh. Try to scream ” YEAH BUDDY” every time you lift something semi-heavy as well. That should really shock your body, and get you some great results.

bodybuilding tips

  • To gain respect in the gym, bitch slap any motherfucker that asks to jump into your bench sets. Also anyone that gives you any bodybuilding tips that were unsolicited. If you don’t do anything like this, you will be seen as a bitch in the gym, and you will become a target for others.

bodybuilding tips

  • Weightlifting is not just a sport for men. It is also enjoyed by many lesbos. That is just a random fact, not a part of bodybuilding tips…


  • A good rule of thumb for bodybuilding: If no sleeved garment fits you, you can stop. That will usually happen if you start taking mad steroids. Doctors warn of the dangers of steroid abuse, so be a pussy and let some pussy doctor tell you what to do, pussy. What a little bitch you are.

bodybuilding tips

  • It’s true: Bodybuilding is a great way to meet, terrify, and repulse the opposite sex. That is just another random please energize yourself with a good meal of infants before doing any substantial lifting.

Bodybuilding Tips Continued…

  • Make sure you include alcohol in your pre-workout drinks! We all know that when you get drunk, you pretty much don’t feel anything, and that is exactly how you can workout longer. You can do set after set, and you won’t feel a damn thing. Slamming straight patron shots will probably do the trick. Many have done it and seen amazing results.

bodybuilding tips

Our bodybuilding tips were not just pulled out of someones ass. Our bodybuilding tips that you have just read were scientifically proven to work for any average moron out there that is thinking about hitting the gym. Yelling while you are hitting the weights, slamming shots, slapping motherfuckers when they get in your space, is exactly how you get jacked. If you think any other pussy bodybuilding tips work, please let us know.

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