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Surprising Bodybuilding Workout Plan For Weight Loss

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This bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss is probably the best ever recorded.

Many overweight people are looking for a bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss, in order to accomplish weight loss, and also build muscle. It’s no secret that muscle mass plays a huge impact on burning fat, so people today are looking for more than just a cardio routine and basic diet tips. First, let’s recognize that you want to look like a fitness model at your very best, and lose weight at the very least. It is my assumption that you do not want to look like bodybuilder. Let’s take a quick look in the difference of behavior between fitness models and bodybuilders and what the difference is.

bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss


If You are looking for a body transformation diet and workout, you are at the right place!

I want to give you some bullet points that will give you a simple workout, that can be considered a “bodybuilding workout” that will help you lose weight and build muscle. Here are a couple things to consider doing in the gym.

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Why should you do squats? You should do squats because they work the largest muscle group of your body, and also burn the most calories. This is because squats are tough to do. Now I want you to understand the squat movement. You are bringing your legs / thighs to a 90 degree angle to the floor. You don’t actually have to do squats in order to get the same benefit and work the same muscle. You can also do bodyweight lunges. Bodyweight lunges will work the same exact muscles, and starting off, no weight is needed, they are hard enough by them selves.

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Another reasons you should do squats (even bodyweight squats with no weights) and lunges, is because they significantly increase your heart rate! That is the KEY to losing weight during any bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss. The more you increase your heart rate, the more calories you will be burning and the more fat you will be losing. That is a very simple equation.

Bodyweight Exercises

Any sort of bodyweight exercise will be great for fat loss. Once again, the goal is to increase the heart rate, and bodyweight exercises should definitely be a part of your bodybuilding workout plan for weight loss. Doing assisted pullups in the gym, pushups on your knees, and dips on a chair or the dip machine if you could, are all great for getting your heart rate up.

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Unfortunately for you, there is really no way around cardio. It truly does wonders for fat loss, and has you looking great much quicker than sitting around eating lettuce does. Why, there are many reasons, but without getting into it, just know that including cardio in your workout plays a huge role and is very important for shaving the pounds.

While cardio won’t permanently change your metabolism, it can significantly increase it for up to 24 hours after your workout, depending on how intensely you exercised. This means that if you do cardio workouts consistently, you will always have a metabolism that’s running at an optimal speed.

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However, remember not to gorge yourself just because you did a grueling workout. The top reason why people don’t achieve their weight loss goals is because they’re overestimating how many calories they’re burning off via physical fitness and overeating as a result.


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