Can I Get Big Doing Only Bodyweight Exercises?

Bodyweight exercises for muscle gain lead to another question!

bodyweight exercises

(No That Is Now How You Do Pull Ups!)

What do you consider big?

By doing only bodyweight exercises, you are most certainly going to grow muscle tissue. No doubt about that.

  • You will also will hit a wall (muscle growth plateau) at some point.

Bodyweight exercises are a great way to begin your bodybuilding carrier.

They are going to give you a lot of strength, stability, and muscle of course.

But how much muscle can it give it to you?

  • It is very individual, and in order to understand what is the case with your body, you need to understand some other things too.

What Causes Muscle Growth? What Creates Hypertrophy?

What will make your body grow stronger and therefore grow bigger muscles?

flexing muscles

The answer is, stress!

If you are currently not doing any kind of training, just going for a little jog will stress your body.

  • A little bit of the same thing, and your body will get used to it and adapt.

If you go to the park and do a few pull-ups, few dips and push-ups, your body will be confused.

You don’t do this regularly, this is something new for your body.

It will damage your muscles a little bit, and all those micro tears will have to heal.

  • When recovered, the muscle fibers will get stronger and bigger.

This is because your body wants to be ready for next time, it doesn’t like being stressed.

muscle recovery

The next time, you are going to do a few more reps and sets, and your body will get bigger each time.

Bodyweight Exercises Results Over Time

Over time, you will grow a significant amount of muscle, and you will become a street workout god!

Eventually you are going to be doing muscle-ups for reps, and dips with your girlfriend on your back.

Yes, finally you will have a girlfriend too, girls like a man who can do his dips good.

  • You’ll be able to do 100 push-ups just as a warm-up, and pull-ups will also be fun for you.

This means that your body became very efficient at performing these tasks, that are no longer stressful for your body.

No stress means no gains!

home workout

You are going to be big at this point, if you have been eating a lot of protein and rested enough!

“The question now is, do you want to get bigger?”

If you do, you are going to have to start doing more intense workouts.

As I mentioned, bodyweight exercises will plateau your growth, so you will need to start working out with weights.

  • So the answer is yes, you can get big with bodyweight exercises, but only to a certain extent.

What Are Good Bodyweight Exercises To Do At Home?

One exercise that you can anywhere is push-ups.

  • You can do them in your living room, in your basement, in your backyard.

home push ups

Even on your kitchen table while your family is trying to have dinner.

All you need is a solid surface, and you are good to go.

You can also buy a pull-up bar and install it on one of your walls inside the house.

“You can do pull-ups whenever you want to, and can also install a dip bar and do dips.”

There is also an option for you to do dips between two chairs at home. If you are interested in that exercise, just search it on Youtube.

Sit-ups and crunches are also a good exercise that you can do at home.

  • Do not trouble yourself too much with them, they are not going to make your stomach look good if your body fat is not super low.

home situps

Doing too much of these can also make your stomach bigger, which would make the rest of your body smaller in comparison.

You can buy a dumbbell too, and do some curls and tricep extensions with it.

Be creative and find out all the variations of these exercises, and incorporate them all into your daily routine.

  • Not only for the sake of having fun while working out, but also to gain more muscle by shocking your body as frequently as possible.

What Are The Best Bodyweight Exercises To Do In The Gym?

No matter how advanced you are, you can always have a good workout with good old pull-ups and dips.

dip exercise

Many bodybuilders start their back workouts with pull-ups in order to warm up. 

This is to get the blood flowing to the areas that they are trying to target.

  • That only goes for those who find this an easy exercise, and not all of them do.

It is not easy to lift your bodyweight if you are a 300 lbs monster.

In that case, some bodybuilders will skip pull ups, and some of them will do them not only as a warm-up, but as a first exercise!

They would warm up doing some light work with cables and machines.

  • Then jump on that pull-up bar and go all out with it.

Are Pull Ups The Best Back Builder?

Many of the claim that pull-ups are on the best back building exercises ever.

back workout

  • Of course, if done correctly with perfect form, and if you fail at about 10 reps.

The same rules apply when you are doing dips! They are a great finisher for your chest or tricep workout.

Depending on the form, you will target one of these 3 muscles. Shoulders, triceps and chest.

If your own bodyweight makes you fail between 6 and 12 reps, this will be one of the best exercises that you can do.

  • It is a compound movement, and you will gain a lot of strength and muscle from it.

Regular crunches and back extensions are something that you should never shy away from as well.

Doing them will give you the best results when it comes to core strength and stability.

core exercise

Push-ups can be done as a warm-up. or as a finisher for your chest training.

  • Narrow grip, or so-called diamond push-ups, are forever going to be a really good triceps builders.

Do Bodybuilders Do Bodyweight Exercises?

Some of them do and some of them don’t.

Exercise selection is a very individual thing and it depends on so many factors.

The main factor that determines whether you will find bodyweight exercises efficient or not, is your structure.

  • You can watch Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler and Branch Warren going all out on dips.

This alone will make you want to go to the gym right away and do it yourself!

  • Their chest gets so pumped, it looks like its going to explode on all of these guys!

home chest workout

So naturally, you will go to the gym and you will do dips as your main movement for your chest training.

Dips will not always feel good for everyone. Sometimes you will feel a lot of pressure in your elbow.

You can try to adjust your positioning, but for some people, it’s just not a good exercise.

  • It all depends on the structure of your bones and your muscles.

If a bodybuilder likes doing bodyweight exercise, he will most likely do them with weights.

They usually use heavy chains, which they put on their necks when performing dips, or even pull ups. 

The key is to feel a good contraction and good resistance with every exercise.

Using additional weight is simply done because regular pull ups are obviously too easy.

weighted dips

Can Push ups Get Me A Big Chest?

How hard are push-ups for you?

  • If you can do 150 push-ups in a set, and still don’t have a big chest, then you should consider trying something else!

Heavy bench press will probably do the job.

But, if push-ups are hard for you, then you will definitely see progress while getting more efficient at doing them.

Unless you have really bad chest genetics, you will keep seeing progress for a long time.

“At one moment, this exercise will become too easy for you and you will have to change something.”

easy home workout

If your chest is already big enough, then good job! You did what you wanted to do, congratulations!

But if it did not happen yet, you can simply add some additional weight on your back, and you will reach another level.

You can pack your backpack with a lot of books, and do push-ups like that to add more resistance!

What If You Can’t Do A Pull Up?

Nobody is born with the ability to do pull-ups.

Okay, there are those videos of babies doing them though.

Unless you are one of those babies, you will have to learn how to do them!

  • It’s not going to be easy, but it’s also not going to be very hard either.

All you need to do is try! You can’t do a single pull-up, and you think there is no way to ever do one?

bodybuilder pullups

You are wrong! Anybody can learn how to do them, no matter how overweight or clumsy they are.

Start doing negative reps. What are the negative reps?

  • Negative reps are when you grab a bar and you cheat on doing pull-ups.

You don’t really only use your muscles to get to the top, but use your whole body.

Jump with your legs or get your friend to help you up.

Once you are up, try to stay there as long as you can and start going down as slow as possible.

  • It is not a pull-up, but you are using the same muscles that you will use for real pull-ups later.

After some time, very soon, don’t worry, you will start doing a regular pull-up, there is no doubt about that.


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