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Bradley Martyn Admits To Midget Steroid Porn Addiction, Unbelievable!

bradley martyn steroids

Bradley Martin confesses his fetish with steroids and midgets is uncontrollable…

Bradley Martin is just another goon on Youtube and social networks that has many followers who admire his muscles, and also the fact he denies taking steroids. But he does confess to the world today, that although he does not take steroids (so he says), he does have a nasty ass fetish with midgets who are on steroids. Bradley said “I’m not sure where this fetish came from, but I seriously can’t control my boner when a see a roided up midget…” He said that if a midget is a steroids, it really doesn’t matter what the gender of the midget is. Bradley Martin’s last boyfriend (below), also commented that the sexual drive Bradley had with him was nothing like he ever experienced before.

Bradley Martyn tells the world who he really is inside…

And that would be…a midget rapist. Yes, the person you get your bicep tips from, is running around raping midgets, and he still doesn’t know where he got this wonderful trait. For those of you who didn’t know, Bradley Martyn is the bastard child of Mike O’Hearn who left him as a baby to open up a steroid laboratory. Those are the genetics Bradley has. So to say he is not on steroids, is just insane, he was born infested with steroids. That is a conversation for another day. Today we are just discussing these crazy news and shocking surprise, that he is a steroid midget rapist.

bradley martyn steroids The first time Bradley Martyn banged a midget…

Yes, as you can imagine it was pretty intense. Not for Bradley, but for the midget. Midgets have reported that the aggressive nature of Bradley have all led to messy breakups. His ex reported “Bradley just wanted too much sex and just way too often. Being 3ft 5 inches tall, and on steroids, it’s very hard for my heart to take his big aggressive monkey ass.”

bradley martyn steroids


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