Is Bradley Martyn On Steroids? Take A Guess!

Bradley Martyn is definitely on steroids. There is no question about it.

  • If you ever see a white guy that strong, and that lean, you can guarantee it.

bradley martyn squat

There is no way in hell, that someone like Bradley is not taking steroids. It’s very common amongst Youtube fitness personalities.

As I said before, anyone that is making money with their body, is definitely on steroids.

It is simply impossible to compete in the space being natural.

  • Think of it like this. If you started a Youtube channel like Bradley, why would anyone watch you instead of him unless you look like him?

(Quick Before And After Proof He Is On Steroids!)

bradley martyn before and after

They would not. That said, you now have to try to look like this guy, and that is impossible without taking steroids. It’s that simple.

  • Taking his height and weight, along with the body fat percentage (Body Mass Index), will tell you all you need to know.

This guy basically has the same physique as Arnold did.

bradley martyn body fat

Now that we know that, the steroid question is very easy to answer.

Is Bradley Martyn A Bodybuilder?

Well, if you count men’s physique as bodybuilding, than yes he is.

Some people consider it more of a male modeling type of thing and some, more of a bodybuilding category.

It’s subjective, that is for sure.

  • Anyways, he did compete a couple of times.

He was in a certain podcast where he talked about his competition days.

You can watch it on his youtube channel.

The tittle of this video is “THE REAL REASON WHY I DON’T COMPETE?”

bradley martyn competing

The answer is not because he can’t wear a hat on the stage!

In this podcast he was talking about politics in the sport.

He said that the winners of these shows are usually people who have connections with the organizers.

  • The first time he competed he didn’t place that well, even though he looked better than most guys who beat him.

The next time he competed was after his youtube channel became what it is today – one of the biggest fitness channels online.

This time around, people told him that he was going to win no matter what he looks like.

  • Seeing this he realized that there is no point in competing anymore.

bradley martyn competition

And true, this does happen very ofter in these kinds of competitions, but it is usually not the case on the large scale shows.

As far as his physique goes, he has a very well sculpted body.

  • His arms are probably his strongest asset. Especially his biceps.

His chest is very well developed and his abs are very symmetrical.

Surprisingly, his back is also quite developed.

Probably because of all of the crazy deadlifts that he does.

  • He doesn’t really train his legs that often but they are also very well developed.

bradley martyn legs

The thing about Bradley that sets him apart from all of the other fitness Youtubers,  is not his charm, it’s the amazing strength that this guy possesses.

He trains more like a powerlifter than like a bodybuilder. He also eats that way as well.

Another reason people like to watch Bradley Martyn on Youtube, is because of his stunts and pranks.

  • He has a video where he bench presses two hot girls on the barbell instead of weights.

bradley martyn bench press

Bradley did squats on a hover board, deadlifts with one arm, and squats with one leg.

He is also able to do a back flip with his 250 lbs of muscle. You get the idea.

Is Bradley Martyn Bald?

Everybody wants to know more about this. Isn’t that weird?

Well, the reason why everybody wants know more about it, is because nobody is talking about it, and it’s pretty obvious.

  • He never addresses it.

In every single one of his videos, he is wearing a hat.

I understand that he has cool hats, but he NEVER takes it off!

bradley martyn hair

You can see him train in one, in every single workout. He plays video games in his hat, and he eats in his hat.

Makes you wonder if he ever takes it off when the camera is not on.

Does he sleep in his hat? Does he wear it when he is having sex? All things to think about!

  • He has taken it off in a few of his videos, but the angle was usually odd, and you couldn’t really see his whole scalp.

When he is filming it from a bottom angle, it actually doesn’t look like he is completely bald.

It looks like he does have some hair but he most certainly does have a receding hairline.

As time went on, this is what I think he is trying to hide.

bradley martyn hair

Bradley’s hair, or the lack there of, can be seen at some of his pictures from expo’s.

He was taking pictures with people, selling and signing shirts, just doing his regular business.

When one of his fans, or should I say haters, approached him and actually took his hat off. Yes, you read that right.

His head was hatless for a few seconds. Bradley immediately tried to cover his head with his arm. Embarrassed and

exposed, he grabbed the hat as quick as he could, and put it back on his head.

  • His realized that his facial expression was saying “I am so scared I am about to start screaming like a little girl” and quickly changed it to “Dude! Uncool!”

bradley martyn bald

What people saw on his head was a complete mess!

Yes, the hair was there, but it was so thin and most of it was on the back of his head.

  • Basically is what you call a comb over.

The answer is that yes, is is bald. What do you really expect from someone on a massive amounts of steroids?

It’s a very well known side effect of the drug.

  • With the money he is making, it would be easy for him to get some hair transplant surgery going.

I never really understood people who spend their whole life hiding their bald head. I would rather just be bald, like what is the big deal?

The other option as I mentioned, is just to get some hair plugs!

What Is Bradleys Workout Program?

bradley martyn deadlift

As mentioned before, Bradley is a believer in big power lifts.

You can see him squatting 5 plates for reps!

As the matter of fact, you can also see him bench pressing the same weight!

  • It’s common to see him pulling 7 plates on a deadlift! Pretty impressive right?

You can also see him curling 20 pound dumbbells and having a laugh in between sets, but that is not what created his physique.

Heavy compound lifts are the reason he has a lot of mass.

  • As many bodybuilders, he does believe that getting bigger requires getting stronger as well.

bradley martyn

Also, in order to get that volume in your muscles and that roundness, you must do some isolation volume work too.

After he finishes with the complex and more taxing exercises , he would do this type of training.

Back in the day, when he was climbing the stairs of success in fitness industry, he was way more focused and dedicated than he is right now.

It is much harder to grow muscle tissue than it is to maintain it.

He has a lot of muscle on his frame, which was really hard to get, considering his height.

  • Bradley says he does not want to get any bigger, so he doesn’t really push the limits every time he trains.

bradley martyn phil heath

Not only does he believe in heavy lifting as his his number one muscle building tool, but he actually included the big 3 in most of his workouts.

Deadlifts, squats, and bench press were his best friends for so many years.

He also likes to include some uni lateral work into his routines, such as dumbbell presses with one arm at a time, and machine pec fly’s with one arm as well.

  • His training motto is “Every day is arm day”.

This is a joke, of course, but he is known for adding a bit more volume for arms.

bradley martyn arms

Compound movements are great, and they have created most of his mass. But he made his arms dominant by hitting them directly and very often.

What Supplements Does Bradley Martyn Take?

Bradley is not a big advocate of supplements.

He prefers eating whole food rather than drinking shakes.

But he does think that supplements do have a role to play in the process of gaining muscle mass.

For example, when he wouldn’t have time to have  a proper meal, he would replace it with a protein shake.

  • He has a very fast metabolism and eats lot of junk food, so his body can process all kinds of food with ease.

bradley martyn eating

For this reason, he does not require a very lean source of whey protein like isolate oh hydrolase, he is ok with whey concentrate.

As far as creatine, he uses it on a daily basis because it gives him more strength and a bit more fulness to his physique.

  • He also loves to use pre-workout supplements, but only when he is trying to hit his personal record lifts.

Bradley Martyn Net Worth?

Succeeding in this kind of business is not easy.

But, if you make it, you are going to earn a lot of money!

Breadly was very consistent with his work on YouTube.

  • His charm, looks, and knowledge brought him to the level  where he is right now.

Bradley Martyin’s net worth stands at $1 million!

bradley martyn net worth

Along with the revenue that he makes with his YouTube channel, he is also makes a lot of money by selling clothes on his website.

He also has one of the biggest gyms with the best equipment in the world.

Many celebrities have trained there, such as Kevin Heart, The Mountain from Game of Thrones, and many others.

  • He did try to have a supplement line once as a collaboration with Calum Von Moger, but that never worked out.

“Supposedly, Bradley was hitting on Calum’s girlfriend, and also did some shady stuff when it came time to sign the contract.”

Who really nows, these “arguments and beef” are usually created just to get more views on Youtube. This could very well have been the case.


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