Muscle Roast

Branch Warren and girlfriend, Johnnie Jackson!

Branch Warren
We all know how you like to get down in the gym with your girlfriend Johnny Jackson.

Branch Warren and girlfriend, Johnnie Jackson!

Branch Warren, a lifetime bodybuilder very well known for working out like a pure maniac. We also know that he loves to work out with his girlfriend, Johnnie Jackson. I guess you could say it was love at first rep. Before you know it, they were spotting each other face to face, screaming “I love you” at the top of their lungs between every rep.

However, Johnnie realized how short Branch is, and will not pursue the relationship. He might give him a kiss one day, or at the very least, he can sniff his Arnold underwear. But he is not ok with Branch’s height.

Branch Warren

Johnnie said that Branch is so short, he can do push ups under the door, and he even see his feet on his drivers license. He says one day they got on the bus and Branch had to slam dunk the bus fare, and then get a running start to get up on the seat. How is he supposed to date someone that short?

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