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Can You Build Muscle After 50? EASILY, This IS HOW!

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Can You Build Muscle After 50? OF COURSE!

Build muscle after 50 as a male, it’s not as tricky as you think!

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Let me tell you one thing, muscle memory is an amazing thing!

Your body remembers everything, including all the years that you spent training!

  • The muscle at the age of 50 will not just disappear an stop being a part of you.

“Even if you never worked out prior to the age of 50, you still have muscle mass there from your younger years!”

Your body will never forget the information of your muscle mass. That is why you can build muscle after 50!

Whenever you decide to get back into the gym, your body will respond immediately.

It’s safe to say, that in about a month or two, you can regain about 30% of your muscle mass.

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You just have to make sure your workout frequency is correct, and you will be able to build muscle after 50!

Can You Regain Your Strength After The Age Of 50?

When you train, you get stronger, it’s as simple as that!

Your muscles get bigger ,and also become more efficient at performing certain patterns.

Your muscles only shrink, because you stop working out.

  • Your body constantly adapts to your activities, and at the age of 50, you might not be doing much!

You are probably not playing sports or going to the gym. Once you start going to the gym and lifting weights it all comes back!.

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That said, keep in mind that you won’t look like a pro bodybuilder unless you take steroids. 

You can look great at the age of 50, or over the age of 50, but your testosterone levels will not be like they were at the age of 21!

There are ways to treat low testosterone levels, but that will be your choice if you go down that road.

Examples Of Bodybuilders Over The Age Of 50

A perfect example of a bodybuilder over the age of 50 is Kevin Levrone.

He is the 1992 Mr. Olympia runner up one of the most perfect bodies in the world!

I know you may not be as genetically gifted as him, but it doesn’t matter unless you are trying to win Mr. Olympia after the age of 50!

kevin levrone 50 years old

  • It took this guy 4 months of training to get back on stage, just 4 months! But I’m sure he had a little help if you know what I mean.

During the competition years, he would not train 8 months of the year! Sounds crazy right?

Traveling and eating junk food, and then getting rid of all the fat in just 4 months and being competition ready.

  • The main point is, you can do a quick search on people that are in shape in their 50’s or older, and see that it’s very possible!

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder, you just need to head to the gym and shock your muscles into what they used to be!

How Do I Get Back In Shape After 50?

How did you gain muscle when you were 20?

  • It is the same answer, not many changes, you only need to pay attention to a few things.

50 years old bodybuilder

Firstly, don’t start with anything crazy! Don’t even start with strength exercises, start with the easiest thing that you can think of.

You are a machine, nobody doubts that, but why would you risk an injury?

If you hurt yourself, you can be sure that you are not going to get back in shape.

  • Definitely be aware that your joints have wear and tear, so compound exercises might not be the best for you at this age.

This means that doing a regular bench press or shoulder presses will most likely cause some pain.

Instead of those exercises, you can simply do some push ups, or dumbbell lateral raises.

50 year old in shape

  • These are not pressing movements that will injure your shoulders or joints. It’s a very safe way to get started.

What Are Other Good Exercises To Get Started?

Try something like triceps cable extensions, pull-downs on a high pulley machine, pec-deck flys, or some bicep curls.

  • I know this will be a bit boring. but don’t rush your gains! They will only come if you are patient and smart!

Besides, these exercises will actually make your workouts easier!

After a week of doing this light work, you can incorporate some more complex and compound exercises.

It is probably smart to stay away from the big 3 exercises (deadlift, bench press, and squat) completely.

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  • They may be potentially the most rewarding, but they are often the most dangerous exercises for anyone, not just people over 50 years old.

Most injuries happen doing these exercises. Injuries are something you cannot afford at this point.

Instead of these exercises, you can do hammer machine presses, hammer machine rows, and leg presses.

These may not seem as cool, but they will do just as good of a job for you and lower the risk of injury by a lot!

  • The key words here are perseverance and consistency.

Being Consistent In The Gym Is Important!

If you can manage to stay healthy and keep getting stronger, you will be back in the shape in no time!

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Another very important thing that you cannot ignore, is protein intake.

At the age of 50, you shouldn’t stuff your face with 400g of protein per day.

  • It would just torture your kidneys, and that kind of stressful environment will not help your body get strong and big again.

Start easy and build it up but it should not be your main focus.

The gym is your main focus, but do try to have a good serving of protein with every meal.

If you don’t have a lot of fat on your body, your carbohydrate intake should be pretty high in order to assist with mass gains.

  • The most important nutrient for you will be fats, especially the healthy ones.

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You want your natural hormonal production to be at it’s highest, since at your age testosterone has dropped significantly.

You have an option of trying TRT(testosterone replacement therapy), in order you get your testosterone levels in normal range.

  • This is basically the same thing as taking steroids, in case you are wondering.

“I only said it’s an option, I do not recommend it. The only time I would recommend something like that is in your 70’s.”

If you start doing testosterone replacement therapy, you should plan on staying on it for the rest of your life.

As soon as you stop taking the testosterone, it goes away. The exact same thing happens when you take steroids.

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Workout Program For Somebody Over 50?

Did you go through all the starting phases and are ready to start doing things seriously?

  • This is the workout plan that is ideal for a person who is over 50 years old.


  • This day should be focused on pushing exercises. To be more precise, chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  • This is the easiest of all days and it should be done first.
  • This is in order to leave more fuel in the tank for the next 2 sessions.

I would use machines for these exercises, to minimize movement and prevent injury.

push ups

Great exercises would be the smith machine bench press, hammer machine chest press, and machine and cable flys.


  • The second day is a rest day. You have not been in the gym in a while, and you will need to take a day off after your first session!


  • Day three will be a pull day. What does that mean? It means that you will be doing exercises that require you to pull weight towards you.
  • These kind of exercises will work the back muscles, traps, rear delts (rear shoulders), and biceps.
  • Do not do deadlifts or barbell bent over rows. These are risky and may cause injury.
  • Focus on cable pull-downs, hammer machine rows, cable rows, and other similar machines.
  • Do not do your shrugs with a barbell, do them with dumbells and on a smith machine.
  • Biceps are pretty harmless as well as rear delts, just don’t do anything stupid!


  • After this session, day four will be another rest day! 

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This is your day to get your legs going! I strongly recommend that you do bodyweight lunges in the gym.

  • Lunges will be the best and safest exercise for your legs at this stage.

Do not attempt to squat, or really do anything other than bodyweight lunges.

I only say this, because legs are very easily injured! You have to get back into the swing of things first, especially with your joints!

Can I Speed Up My Metabolism After 50?

Absolutely! Many people think that metabolism only has to do with genetics and age.

It is simply not true!

fast metabolism

You can train your metabolism by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

  • This is how fitness competitors eat year round.

It’s a technique strictly used to speed up metabolism and stay in a catabolic state.

Should I Do Cardio?

You can do anything you want, if it doesn’t hurt. That is the bottom line of this topic.

  • Cardio is great for you and so is going to the gym in general.

Unfortunately our bodies have wear and tear, and some joints might hurt if you go for a run.

Cardio will help you get leaner and burn some fat, everyone knows that.

gym cardio

I order to get your muscle size or strength back, you have to evaluate if cardio is something you want to do.

  • If you are in a caloric deficit, you will have a hard time growing actual muscle tissue.

When I say that, I am talking about a strict diet and a lot of cardio.

If you are looking to eat pretty clean and do 30 min of light cardio each day, that is fantastic.

That will not hurt you in any way, it will only make you healthier and looking better!



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