Do Bulking And Cutting Diets Work, Or Just Make You Fat?

Bulking and cutting is something everyone talks about.

Get fat during the winter, and get ripped during the summer right? Well 3 out of 5 people that bulk up (get fat) never cut back down and get lean.

After all, UCLA Research shows that if you lift more weights you will get more mates!

bulking up

  • Please note, this is considering you are not sticking a needle in your ass, aka taking steroids.

As a natural bodybuilder, a weightlifter, or just someone who wants to gain muscle, bulking and cutting is not the way to go.

This is because of two simple facts!

  • Give me one good reason why you need to carry additional / extra fat on your body?

If the “extra” calories you are eating to bulk up during your diet, is designed for you to get muscle, why is it turned to fat and not muscle?

bulking up

According to the theory, you are supposed to get fat, and then lose it in order to gain muscle.

So why are you losing and gaining fat, aren’t we talking about muscle here?

“Oh thats right, you lose and gain muscle also, and end up where you would have ended up without getting fat.”

  • Why do you want to bulk? You know exactly why! Because it’s a reason for you to eat like a pig and not diet.

It’s easy, so as soon as you hear about something that will help you gain muscle faster, and it’s easy, you are in right!?

bulking and cutting

If you are on steroids, you can do all the bulking and cutting cycles that you want.

You have drugs that will build a lot of muscle.

  • That muscle will require a lot more food, and everything else. And then of course, you will have drugs, that will get rid of the extra bodyweight pretty quickly.

Thats why people love the juice!

bulking and cutting

When you do a bulking and cutting cycle, the only thing that happens is that your body will get fat.

Your muscles can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients, including fats, carbs, and protein, everything else turns to sugar and eventually fat.

It’s basically really STUPID! 

bulking and cutting

You get fat, then you deprive your body of necessary nutrients in order to lose the same fat. In this process, you will lose the muscle you so called “gained.”

Well you didn’t gain it because you got fat, you gained it because you fed your body what it needed to grow.

  • You could have done that without the other crap you ate just because you have to “bulk.”

bulking and cutting

The best advice you can get on bulking and cutting, is to stay about 5-7 lbs away from your ideal weight.

In order to get really cut, yes you have to deprive your body of sugar and carbs.

The goal is to have to do that minimally so you don’t have to lose a lot of muscle.

bulking workout

All the extra crap you eat, will just be additional unnecessary weight that will take longer to take off later, and it’s pointless.

Eat healthy, get your protein, and medium to low carbs, and you will grow. It takes a long time without the needle.

This is just advice, do whatever the hell you want to do.




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