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Recovery Time For Fat Transfer To Buttocks

If you are thinking about getting butt implants, you are probably thinking about the recovery time for fat transfer to buttocks. There is a nice butt implant disaster video for you at the bottom of this article.

liposuction into buttocks

  • We are starting to live in a culture where butt augmentation is becoming acceptable, but that is also questionable. The recovery time for fat transfer to buttocks might be least of your worries!

If you are looking to be a fitness model, a female bodybuilder, or just an Instagram influencer, you might think that gluteal augmentation is a good idea. You might think that buttock augmentation risks are low and you are in the clear. 

butt implants

“I wish we can transport to the future so you can see what Kim Kardashians ass will look like in 10 years, or Nicki Minaj as well. There is no chance their fake butts will look attractive.”

That is a fact and you should not go through with this procedure! Just my advice. 

Recovery Time For Butt Implants Or Fat Transfer

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  • If you do decide to go forward with this buttock fat transfer or implant, the average recovery time is two to three weeks. It’s recommended that you do not go to work during this time, and stay at home to rest.

You won’t be disabled or anything, but you can expect a lot of swelling and bruising, so stay off the butt as much as possible. 

Once again, if you are looking to be an actual fitness competitor with a fake butt, you will ruin any chance of ever winning any contest.

liposuction in butt

I have personally seen some girls at the Mr. Olympia show, or in regular contests with fake butts, and they never win. They actually never get close to winning, and are immediately disqualified by the judges.

“I agree that there is no amount of squats you can do, or lunges to work your butt, to make it look like it does when it’s fake. That said, you have major problems coming if you go forward with the procedure.”


Liposuction Injected Into Buttocks

Gluteal augmentation with fat transfer is pretty much the same thing as liposuction injected into buttocks. Liposuction is the process of sucking fat out of a certain area of your body, and injecting that fat into your ass.

I would have to say it’s much safer and better cosmetically to do this, rather than getting an actual implant. 

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Buttock Augmentation Risks

The first buttock augmentation risk you need to be aware of, is that eventually it will need to be taken out! Over time, you butt implant will get old, and you will need a replacement.

Just think about what your butt will look like after all of that stretched skin! Not a pretty sight.

butt implant disaster

A butt implant is a foreign object to your body. Your body does not like foreign objects inside of it. Getting the implant removed is the best case scenario. You can expect complications, which are very common.

Infections, and many other issues are common occurrences as well. I would not encourage you to go through this procedure.

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Average Price For Brazilian Butt Lift Or Regular Buttock Augmentation

  • On average, the cost of a Brazilian Butt Augmentation usually goes about $8K, and it can go up to $10K.

This procedure usually includes liposculpting, where your abs, hips and thighs are included int the procedure. So the cost for this procedure gives you a bang for your buck. That is, if you still decide to do it. 


So Should You Get A Buttock Fat Transfer Or Implant?

I strongly suggest you stay away from any fat transfers to your buttocks and any butt implants. It seems that you have recently lost your self and your identity if you are even considering this surgery.

“Think about what kind of guys even like fake asses? Usually they are guys that are broke and listen to Tekashi 6ix9ine. If that is who you are after, go ahead! Just be ready for a world of complication throughout your life if you decide to do so.”



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