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Calum Von Moger The Idiot Does The Unthinkable Again!

calum von moger steroids

Calum Von Moger Is Dumb As A Rock, But This Is Just Ridiculous!

Calum Von Moger can’t stay away from injury. Yes you have heard about this already, but this is not breaking news, this is breaking idiot. Calum Von Moger who is know as the Arnold Schwarzenegger stalker, has done it again. Fucked up his god dam knee doing stupid shit, and will once again lose money because of it.

Calum is from Australia, where he sat and jerked off to Arnold’s posters since he was a young boy. He came to the conclusion, that if he shoots enough steroids, he can become like Arnold and become famous. Well that is true, and he is famous now (in the fitness industry to your average meathead). But what Calum doesn’t know is how not to fuck himself up every chance he gets. This moron started with the following…

Bicep Injury!

calum von moger injury

Head Injury!

Calum was dropped on his head as a little child. From that point on, he has been required to wear a helmet at all times, so he doesn’t hurt himself by bumping into shit that normal people don’t bump into. As you see below, he was trying to act all jacked and shit, and ended up taking off his helmet. At that point, being the special ed kid that he is, it only took minutes for him to hurt himself again.

calum von moger injury

Knee Injury!

Here is a video of Calum hurting his knee likeĀ  a moron. Lumarco made this video, which gives a good description. If you don’t know who Lumarco is, he’s a polak. Check out how Mr. Von Moger once again injures himself, and makes a stronger case, that we my friends, might have another Branch Warren on our hands.

Now that looks like it hurts. But considering that Calum is under a major steroid cycle, it’s very surprising that he is crying like a little bitch after this accident. He has admitted to taking enough steroids to kill King Kong, so you go figure why he’s being a pussy.

Ahh what steroids do to a person is truly amazing. I don’t even know why I’m against it. I could have been the next Arnold myself! Here is what the little guy used to look like, and also what he looks like now!
calum von moger steroids


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