Calum Von Moger Has Just Had Way Too Many Injuries!

Calum Von Moger can’t stay away from injury.

Yes you have heard about this already, but this is not breaking news, this is breaking idiot.

calum von moger flexing

One can’t help it think that steroids must be directly correlated to injuries.

  • Just think about it. Your mind thinks that you can lift a house, and your body does not.

Calum Von Moger who is know as the Arnold Schwarzenegger stalker, has done it again.

Fucked up his god dam knee doing stupid shit, and will once again lose money because of it.

Calum is from Australia, where he sat and starred at Arnold’s posters since he was a young boy.

  • He came to the conclusion, that if he shoots enough steroids, he can become like Arnold and become famous.

calum von moger arnold

Well that is true, and he is famous now (in the fitness industry to your average meathead).

But what Calum doesn’t know is how not to fuck himself up every chance he gets. This moron started with the following…

Calum Von Moger Bicep Injury!

Our little friend Calum is below with his little bicep injury thing to do something really stupid in the gym.

As I mentioned, steroids and social media do not mix well. 

  • Trying to get videos to go viral by lifting crazy weight, is a great recipe for disaster.

calum von moger injury

If you can imagine, Clalum go this injury exactly the way you might thing he did.

  • He was making a video for Instagram of curling crazy heavy weight with a friend, and it backfired on him of course.

For the most part, only bodybuilders that try to do stupid things in the gym end up with injuries.

In the long run, these kind of decisions can cost Calum Von Moger a lot of money and end his career. 

  • All injuries are different, but it just seems like this guy is doing dumb stuff every other day!

Here is a nice picture of Calum and how he injured his bicep.

calum von moger bicep injury

Calum Von Moger Head Injury!

Calum was dropped on his head as a little child.

From that point on, he has been required to wear a helmet at all times.

This is so he doesn’t hurt himself by bumping into stuff that normal people don’t bump into.

  • As you see below, he was trying to act all jacked and stuff, and ended up taking off his helmet.

At that point, being the injury magnet that he is, it only took minutes for him to hurt himself again.

calum von moger injury

Calum’s Knee Injury!

Here is a picture of Calum hurting his knee like a moron.

Check out how Mr. Von Moger once again injures himself.

  • Calum really makes a strong case, that we my friends, might have another Branch Warren on our hands.

I understand that this knee injury did not happen in the gym, but if you are clumsy in the gym, you are clumsy everywhere.

Once again, Branch Warren said he feel and tore his quadricep in a thunderstorm. Which is obviously a total lie.

A couple minutes later, he turns around and falls off a horse like a moron.

  • Pretty similar to Calum my friends.

calum von moger knee injury

Now that looks like it hurts.

But considering that Calum is under a major steroid cycle, it’s very surprising that he is crying like a little girl after this accident.

He has admitted to taking enough steroids to kill King Kong, so you go figure why he’s being a wimp.

  • What steroids do to a person is truly amazing. I don’t even know why I’m against it.

I could have been the next Arnold myself! Here is what the little guy used to look like, and also what he looks like now!
calum von moger steroids

Calum’s Weight Loss

As you see from the pictures above, Calum is on some major juice.

  • That is the main reason he lost over 50 lbs during his previous injury.

If you think about it, nobody normal loses that much weight when they hurt their knee.

A normal person in reality would actually gain weight when hurting their knee.

It simply makes them less mobile and therefore they will pile on the pounds from unburned calories.

  • Unfortunatelly, I think this is all crap.

Fitness influencers love to get injured! Why?

  • Because it allows them to produce a lot of content about their comeback and get people’s interest.

Calum Von Moger’s Movie Unbreakable

There is nothing wrong with capitalizing on your injury and making a movie.

  • I mean, Lazar Angelov damn near faked his entire injury just because he wanted to get off of a steroid cycle.

Lazar Angelov injury

That my friends, is not an injury, that is getting off a steroid cycle.

  • That is just an example of someone else that capitalized on their “injury.”

Calum Von Moger decided to make a movie called “Unbroken,” which is all about his comeback.

The comeback of steroids!

Calum said…

“I thought the film would gather a lot of interest in the fitness industry but I didn’t know it would do as well as it has. I got so much great feedback,” Von Moger told the Post. “I’m excited to see how well it does should it make it on to cable or a streaming outlet like Netflix.”

Calum von Moger Unbroken

There is an audience for anything, and watching someone come back from an injury is at the top of my watch list!


Conclusion On Faking Injuries

I am not saying that Calum faked his injury (it does not look like he did), but I am saying that many people do.

  • In todays world, the fight for attention on social media is real.

There are thousands of people on Instagram and Facebook with big muscles.

When there is more competition, it’s simply harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

Also, the followers of these fitness influencers get bored of gym pictures, and protein shake promotions.

What stands out, is injury!

  • People love a good come back right? Well I tell you that people also love to see what these people look like when they are not on steroids!

That happens very often. Unfortunately, the fake injuries out there are only fabricated because the person wants to get off steroids for a while.

Due to the muscle loss, they blame it on an injury. It’s as simple as that.


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