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Calum Von Moger’s Website Is A Scam, This Is Why!

calum von moger steroids

Calum Von Moger Has a Website, That Could Easily Scam You!

Calum Von Moger (Also known as Arnold 2.0) is an Australian bodybuilder, who now has a website that is very questionable. I say this, because Calum Von Moger’s website¬†offers a bunch a crap products, that anyone who is looking to reach their physical goals, should avoid. Let me give you some examples of why Calum’s website is crap, and then we can break it down. Anyone who is on an insane amount of steroids, should be discredited with any workout and diet programs that they are tying to sell on their website. The before and after below is impossible without steroids.

calum von moger steroids

Calum’s Website Offerings

Calum Von Moger’s offers the following to it’s visitors and “fans,” on his quickly made cheap website. Please note that I am not bashing his website, but I am saying that his offerings on his site are far from advice anyone should take trying to achieve their fitness goals. The first thing these “Instagram Influencers” do once they get a following, is start a website and try to make money off of their followers, failing to mention that photoshop and steroids are 98% of the reason they look like they do.

calum von moger steroids

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Calum Von Moger’s Diet

Let’s first discuss Calum’s diet, and why you should stay away from this knowledge Calum has to pass around his diet. First, it all comes back to steroids. Yes, you must take this into consideration when analyzing who you should listen to when it comes to diet plans. Why do I say this? I say this because Calum’s diet revolves all around steroids. If you ever seen Generation Iron 2, you will see a clip of him saying, that he doesn’t diet, he eats when he is hungry, and does not follow any specific meal plan.

calum von moger skinny

How can this possibly work for Calum? Very easily, he is young and he is on massive amounts of steroids, that is the ugly truth. To put this in simpler terms, on his website and programs, he is giving you tips on how to eat, not revealing that he has enough fat burning steroids inside of him to kill an adult horse. Eating and following his diet, will just cause you to gain weight, and that would be mostly fat. Keep in mind, that eating “healthy,” could still make you fat. Calories that bodybuilders like Calum consume, and the diets they follow, are strictly designed for bodybuilders that are on steroids, and nobody else.

calum von moger diet

Calum Von Moger Clothing

There is nothing wrong with Calum selling apparel, and if you are into buying a shirt with a random meatheads name on it, by all means go for it and buy something. Once again, if your thing is wearing a shit with an Instagram influencers name, that has not accomplished anything yet in his career, buy the shirt!

calum von moger clothing


Calum’s clothing line is nothing unique, and the other apparel on his website is just a bunch of shirts with motivational quotes. One thing that does stand out, is his hats. Calums’ clothing is nothing but self promotion, while having zero brand equity. Can you imagine going to a bar wearing one of his hats, and a hot girl asking you what does your hat mean? You then say it’s Calum Von Moger’s clothing, and show her a picture of who that is on his website. Now that will guarantee you a shutdown from that girl, it’s just lame as hell.

calum von moger clothing

Calum Von Moger Supplements

If you haven’t heard, Calum Von Moger has a PhD in chemistry, and therefore his is fully qualified to create supplements that you will put in your body to get as jacked as him! That’s right boys and girls, Calum Von Moger has amazing supplements on his website, and you are guaranteed to look like him if you buy all of them, following his workout program and diet, and then buy his yearly membership. I am still looking for the category on steroids on his website, I’m sure I’ll find it soon if I take a better look, he can’t possibly be leaving out the secret sauce and hiding that from his followers right? Here are the categories Calum has for his followers. He basically has something for everyone depending on what you are looking for. And once again, keep in mind that he has a PhD in chemistry and is fully qualified to recommend these supplements to you!

calum von moger supplements


Calum Von Moger Training Program

Calum Von Moger has a very interesting training program on his website. From the programs that we see on his website, he claims to have the answer for skinny guys, bulky guys, and everyone else. As you see below, the workout programs vary based on your current size. Calum is very familiar with being skinny and gaining a lot of muscle very quickly. We all know that his workout program consisted of sticking a needle in his ass every single day, so I am sure he will include this in his paid workout programs. I guess if you buy one of his programs on his website, you can report back and let us know if you can keep up with all of the steroid intake.

calum von moger workout program

Why would anyone in their right mind, purchase a paid program online from his website, or any website for that matter, when thousands of workout programs are free online, especially on Youtube. I’m not trying to shit on this guy, but he definitely needs to focus his website on athletes who are taking steroids, and disclose that his workout programs and diets are based on experience of being a heavy steroid user. Of course this will not happen, and it’s one of the major reasons that the fitness industry sucks.

The fitness industry is failing regular people who are fans, and this is just another example of a bodybuilder taking advantage of his Instagram following and scamming them into thinking they could look like him by drinking his supplements, following his diet and workout program. Nothing could be further from the truth.


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