Calum Von Moger Has A Freaky Secret!

Calum von Moger is a new up and coming fitness star, that has been time after time compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • What the world doesn’t know, is that Calum von Moger has a deep dark obsession with Arnold.

That goes a lot further than just being a fan.

Calum von Moger has been whacking off, and beating the meat!

  • Also, choking the chicken, wrestling the lizard, to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s posters for as long as he could remember.

Calum von Moger

Calum von Moger and his Pumping Iron fetish.

Calum likes to get the party started by looking at really old Arnold posters, where Arnold looks really young.

  • This gets him a chubby, but when he puts on Pumping Iron, that’s when the real party starts for Calum.

Calum Loves Bodybuilding Documentaries

It only takes him a few minutes spanking the monkey to finish while watching Pumping Iron

  • This is only if he has surround sound hooked up and is really in the moment.

“Once Calum finishes his Pumping Iron whack off sessions, he puts on his Arnold underwear and gets ready for a nap!”

He always dreams about Arnold spotting him in the gym and calling him a “girly man!”

Calum von moger

Calum Von Moger And Drugs Don’t Mix

“When Calum goes out, he either he pops his favorite color ecstasy pill or just chows down on a handful of Grade A mushrooms! Everyone starts to look like Arnold to Calum when he goes out on party drugs.”

He has been spotted running around with no shirt on at clubs!

  • Of course wigging out and tweaking like a crack hoe who just dropped acid after ripping a 3 ft bong full of crystal meth.

Calum von moger

Calum said that he truly hopes that him and Arnold can smoke crystal meth together one day, and then quickly correct himself and said “weed.”

It’s easy to see that he mirrors every aspect of Arnold’s life, and try to copy his every move.

Arnold shoots a needle in his ass, Calum von Moger shoots a needle in his ass.

  • Arnold leaves his country to come do roids and compete in the states, Calum von Moger does the same.

Arnold Likes To Smoke Weed As Well!

That is no secret, and if you are a bodybuilding fan, you have seen him smoke the devil before!

Arnold Smoking

Calum Von Moger Arnold Classic 2018

Calum is planning to go to the Arnold Classic next year.

  • He wants to walk around the show following Arnold around and smelling his protein farts that he will be crop dusting at the expo.

Calum von moger

Calum’s Future In Bodybuilding

We wish Calum the best of luck, but we did have to roast him because he is obviously obsessed with Arnold, and it’s kind of creepy.

“He is a good looking younger dude, but the fact still stands, that Calum is just another roid head.”

There is zero chance that anyone will ever get close to what Arnold has done.

Why Will Calum Never Be Arnold

This is because now everyone can get as big as Arnold and even bigger, but back then, Arnold was the first.

  • What that really means is that Arnold got his hands on the juice first.

arnold steroids gif

Back then you stand out when you are that size, but today, those kind of bodies are a dime a dozen.

  • You have to look like Rich Piana to actually get some attention, it’s that crazy.

So while Calum resembles Arnold, they couldn’t be further apart from what Arnold was doing at his age.

Who Is Calum Von Moger?

Calum Von Moger is an Australian bodybuilder, Youtuber, and actor.

  • He was born in 1990 which makes him 29 years old today.

Calum originally started as a bodybuilder.

He was so driven that it was pretty obvious that he is going to make it.

Calum Von Moger posing

This guy does have premium genetics but his worth ethic is what really made him a superstar that he is today.

  • He used to work in a restaurant for a while.

He chose to work in a restaurant because he could eat the leftover food.

An easy and cheap way to put in a lot of good calories in your body.

“Whatever job you have you will be spending a lot of that money on food.”

  • He used to eat during his shift, whenever he caught an opportunity and during the breaks, he would take naps in his car.

Calum’s Training After Work!

After work, he would train. He would train like a maniac. The desire in his heart was uncontrollable.

Calum Von Moger Training

He gave it all he had. This resulted in him eventually becoming one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world.

  • But it wasn’t just that. Yes, his work ethic was insane and his genetics were supreme but he had another thing.

This is why he has so many fans.

No, it is not his resemblance of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yes, they look very much alike. Not only body wise, but facially too.

  • Calum has very big biceps, which is also Arnold’s trait and a bit smaller legs, combined with a very tight waist.

Calum’s face, especially his jawline is what reminds us all of young Arny.

They looked so much alike that Calum played the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a very good movie.

But we will talk about that later.

Calum Arnold Movie

As I was saying, the reason why Calum is so popular today is his personality.

  • Of course, nobody would pay attention to him if he didn’t have a body of a Greek god.

But there are many bodybuilders that are just not that popular.

Some of them don’t even speak proper English, some of them are simply… simple?

His charisma and sense of humor made his personal brand grow so much that he is one of the top guys in the fitness industry.

  • His platform is Youtube, that is where he created his fame and where he keeps growing day after day.

Where Did Calum Grow Up?  

Calum Von Moger is from down under.

Australia. You must have noticed his exotic accent if you ever listened to him.

calum von moger australia

To be more precise, he grew in Victoria. It is a state in south-eastern Australia.

  • Theoretically, this is the smallest state in Australia, but it is the second most populated one.

So, it is the most densely populated state.

The capital of this state is a well-known city in Melbourne.

Interestingly, Calum’s ancestors are coming from Austria, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger who he resembles a lot.

  • He also has Dutch ancestry. Calum grew up on a farm.

Calum was not a city child. He grew up working on a field.

This made him appreciate everything else in his life even more. It also helped in creating his work ethics.

Calum Von Moger Squatting

Surely, farm work couldn’t hurt in his muscular development in his early life.

  • He had both of his parents and 5 siblings. His family was rather large.

Early Family Life

In 1998, when he turned 8, his family moved to Geelong.

6 years later he decided to visit a gym.

This city is where he stepped into the gym for the first time in his life.

  • He already had a pretty developed musculature for a 14-year-old boy.

After some time of lifting weights, his body responded very well.

He grew a lot and very fast.

Calum Von Moger parents

His genetic potential for bodybuilding was obvious.

  • He saw a bodybuilding magazine in this very gym and decided that he wants to be a bodybuilder.

At this time, Ronnie Coleman was Mr. Olympia, but Calum was more drawn to the old school physiques.

The golden era of bodybuilding. He did not want to become a muscle monster, he wanted to have a beautiful body.

Which he absolutely achieved.

What has Calum Von Moger Won?

Calum Von Moger has won many bodybuilding competitions.

He competed in different federations, and different categories and won many of them.

He is not known as an IFBB competitor but rather as a NABBA and WFF champion.

Calum Von Moger photo shoot

  • The first victory that he had happened in 2011, in Melbourne, when he won NABBA Junior International Championships.

Later, same year, he went to Baden, Austria and became WFF Junior Mr. Universe.

Two years later, he tried to become Mr. Universe in the senior category, but this attempt did not result in success.

He failed and took only 5th place at this competition that was held in Thessaloniki in 2013.

  • This failure did not discourage Calum, he tried to win it again the very next year.

Later Bodybuilding Competitions In His Career

Later in his life, he joined a competition in South Korea, 2014.

Calum won this show and became new Mr. Universe. This is one of the most prestigious bodybuilding titles in the world for an amateur.

Calum Von Moger NPC

Yes, Calum was still not professional at this point. But winning this competition granted him that pro card that he was seeking for so long.

  • Next year, 2015, Professional Mr. Universe competition was held in France, La Ciotat.

Calum was determined to take that trophy home.

He brought an amazing package, probably the best that we have ever seen him until that point!

Strong Points Of His Physique

With amazing symmetry and structure, he almost has perfect shape and proportions.

  • Combined with very good conditioning and muscularity, Calum won this show in France.

He was so convincing that you could now deny him and everybody else was 5 places behind him.

calum von moger

2 years later, he found himself living in the USA, pursuing the carrier of a youtube vlogger and an actor.

  • He never had the desire to become a freaky monster looking huge bodybuilder.

Calum believed that bodybuilders should have beautiful symmetry, and that everybody would want to look like that.

He realized that bodybuilding is not like that anymore and stopped competing because of that.

Calum Classic Physique

In 2016 IFBB announced that Mr. Olympia will get a new division, called Classic Physique, which represents everything Calum always believed in.

  • He decided to get on that stage.

In 2017 he competed for the first time in the NPC and won the  Iron Games competition, which meant he turned pro.

As a pro, he wanted to qualify for the Mr. Olympia competition by winning one of the qualifiers, but this never happened.

In the meantime, he was filming a stunt video, with Chris Bumstead, Mr. Olympia Classic Physique runner up, where they were both curling together a barbell with 405 lbs of weights on it.

  • This resulted in Calum tearing his biceps.

After this, he suffered 2 more injuries, another one on the biceps and knee injury as well.

Hopefully, we will see him on the stage soon, as he fully recovered now.

What is the Calum’s Workout Program?

Calum’s goal was never to become the biggest muscle freak in the world.

  • It was to achieve the most beautiful and the body that any man would envy him for.

Growing up he was a skinny kid, for this reason, he always had to eat insane amounts of food but also to lift some very heavy weights in order to grow.

So his training program was consistent of compound heavy exercises.

These include heavy squats, bench press, deadlifts, rows, presses, dips, pull-ups, etc.

But right now, for the last 5 years or so, he is not trying to grow anymore.

  • He doesn’t want to get any bigger but he does want to progress.

What does that mean?

Well, he wants to create better muscle quality or muscle maturity, and also, to emphasize certain body parts.

So, he trains with isolation very often.

  • He is not going to failure with the maximum weight but he is rather focusing on a really good burn and contraction.

This makes his physique look bigger than it actually is.

Calum Von Moger Diet?

Calum has an insanely fast metabolism and is never on a diet.

When he wants to lose weight, he can just stop eating so much sugar and fast food.

That gets him ready for the show!

There was a situation when he found out that muscle beach in Miami is organizing a competition in a week.

  • He just did a little mini cut for those 7 days and came more shredded than anyone on that stage which, of course, was enough for him to win.

The only thing that he is trying to have enough in his diet is protein.

Everything else is whatever he feels like eating.

Calum Von Moger girlfriend?

Currently, Calum is single, but he was in a pretty long and serious relationship with Taylor Ray.

  • They lived together for a while and seemed like a happy couple.

The first incident that the public knew about was with Bradley Martyn, when he was texting his girlfriend and was hitting on her.

A little bit later, Calum suffered that horrible knee injury.

His girlfriend left him and did not stay on good terms. She said that he deserves to die alone and that he is a selfish a**hole.


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