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Can’t stop eating carbs? This is your only hope!

stop eating carbs
Cheerful fat man eating donuts
When you don't eat carbs, you do not feel good! When you do not feel good, you want to feel good! And then you do things that make you feel good, which is eat SUGAR!

Can’t stop eating carbs, there is hope for you here.

Many people can’t stop eating carbs! Why is that? Well there is a couple reasons. The first reason is that they are just lazy fat bastards who have zero desire to improve how they look physically. The second reason would be, that these people skip breakfast, eat like shit, and when they start starving, they grab anything that is close by to them. And what is always close by, carbs! Look in your kitchen cabinet, your fridge, walk out side and go to a restaurant. What do they put in front of you your face as soon as you sit down? A big basket of bread! Oh yeah, and butter. Let’s dissect these two reasons.

You just do not care!

You will never meet anyone that will tell you, “Hey! I’m a fat lazy bastard that simply does not care about a damn thing, oh and I’m stupid to!” Does this mean that these people don’t exist? Of course not. It just means that these people do not care as much as you for example, about how they look. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong. But if you are walking around talking about how you can’t stop eating carbs, and that is why you are fat, or you are stressed and don’t have time, that’s when it becomes total bullshit.

Let me make a quick point. If someone told you they will pay you $10M to lose 20 lbs, I BET MY LIFE, you will lose the 20 lbs. If someone said a child of yours would die, you would lose the 20 lbs. So people are different, and people only make a change and do something when they want to, or just HAVE TO!

stop eating carbs

If you are in a marriage that is ok, but not horrible, you will not get a divorce. If you are broke, but not that broke, you might not make a change. If you are in a NIGHTMARE relationship, your ass is getting out. If you can’t see your feet, or your….you will probably get a gym membership. If you can’t get a date for years, you will stop eating like crap. The point is, if you can’t stop eating carbs, you simply do not want to, don’t care, and don’t have to. Period.

You starve, and eat like crap!

So the second main reason is, that you skip breakfast, you eat junk when you get hungry, and your metabolism and blood sugar is constantly screwed up. Sugar is a drug, we all know that. Sugar keeps your ass coming back for more, just like other drugs. But like other addictive substances, you get rid of it, you lose the dependency.

stop eating carbs

We all like that damn sugar, but shit, it’s not good for you in any way. So how do we get rid of it? You have to start eating breakfast! Studies have shown that people who do not eat breakfast are 60% more likely to OVEREAT later in the day. One important thing to note, if you are to lazy or just programmed NOT to eat breakfast. All you have to do, is start with maybe a banana in the morning. It will only take your stomach a day or two to get the message, that it needs food as soon as you wake up.

You have read and heard many times how important breakfast is, so I will not bore you with that stuff. Just start freaking eating something in the morning! It will decrease your chances of wanting to stuff your face with carbs later in the day!

That brings the next question.

Why do you want to stop eating carbs?

You can definitely lose good weight in about 2 weeks if you totally cut carbs. But guess what, after about 2 weeks TOPS, your body will adapt and you will stop losing fat. You have to remember, that your body does not give a flying shit about what you want to look like physically. Your body wants to survive! So when it sees you are not getting carbs (sugar), it stops burning sugar in order to preserve energy. It basically shuts down your metabolism! Why? Because if it keeps burning fat at the rate that it has been, you will be dead in a month!

This is why as soon as you start eating carbs again, it preserves them, while your metabolism is still slow! You should eat a moderate to low amount of carbs always!

stop eating carbs

When you don’t eat carbs, you do not feel good! When you do not feel good, you want to feel good! And then you do things that make you feel good, which is eat SUGAR! Studies have shown that people that eat carbs actually weigh less then people that don’t. Weird I know, but not really! It makes perfect sense.

The carbs you should eat are fruits and vegetables for the most part. Stay away from bread, it’s the worst. Processed carbs are no bueno! Don’t go on crazy diets, eat moderate to low carbs from fruits and veggies, and stop making excuses for being a fat lazy bastard.

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