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Carb Cycling Proves To Work FOR FAT PEOPLE!

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There Is Nothing Better Than Carb Cycling If You Are Looking To Lose Weight.

Carb Cycling is simple, and you may have heard of it before. Carb Cycling is a cycle of taking in carbs, and eliminating carbs. You can see what the process actually is in the video below. I have found that cycling carbs is the best approach for several different reasons.

carb cycling

#1 Your Body Doesn’t Want To Starve Itself To Death

Starving yourself never works. Why? Because it’s simply impossible for your body to keep burning fat at a fast pace, along with muscles, since both of those happen when you are low on calories. What would happen if your body just continued burning fat and muscle? Well, quite simply it would die. It would completely waste all of it’s energy sources, and melt away into thin air.

This is why the body stops burning fat, and people say that they “hit a wall”. Hitting a wall means that the body stopped burning fat, or any other energy source and it has become extremely tough to lose weight all of the sudden. To understand this better, you can watch the video below to first understand what is carb cycling.

#2 Gives You Motivation To Continue Your Diet

That is correct my friends. When people anticipate carb loading, which is basically eating a ton of carbs once every week or maybe once every 4-5 days, people know they should be healthy carbs. Unfortunately, that does not happen. People wait for their carb loading day, and they pig out. Destroying burgers, pizza, and whatever else is very common.

carb cycling

Well, I am going to tell you that I have no issue with that. That is perfectly fine. If you are surprised why I say this, it’s because that junk food you eat might not be ideal, but it does motivate you for the next 4-5 days or weak to eat really clean, and workout as well. You can’t be mentally sane dieting all of the time. If your goal is to get shredded (really cut / aka no fat and just muscle), keep in mind that is not always the healthiest thing.

carb cycling

There are a lot of foods that are “healthy” but won’t get you weight loss results. For example, oatmeal is healthy, but eating it 3 times a day, along with apples (which are healthy), and whole grain pasta (which is healthy) will not get you the results that you need.

#It Is The Only Diet For Natural Bodybuilding

To make the long story short, you need to pick one source of energy for your body, besides protein. That source needs to be carbohydrates or fat. Your body does not need both sources, and that is exactly how you get fat. If your body is burning fat for energy, and has a lot of carbs left over, it will simply store them as fat. It’s that simple. Take a look at this video, which shows you what Arnold ate!

Arnold is known to take a little steroids here and there too, but just giving you a sense so you see that he ate a low carb diet as well. That said, I feel like the best way for you to get lean, is to do 4-5 days with no carbs, and then have a carb loading day to replenish your body with what it needs (and it does need carbs and sugar), and to also motivate you for the next few days to workout and diet. Good luck!


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